Why Should You Consider Enroling in an Online Brow Lamination Course?

Date :February 4, 2022, Henna Brows International Why Should You Consider Enroling in an Online Brow Lamination Course?

The latest advancement in brow artistry, “Eyebrow Lamination”, creates neat & natural-looking brows. This brow treatment creates consistency when dealing with different growth patterns, and the direction of hair growth can be altered and tamed with lamination treatment. An Online Brow Lamination Course teaches you the art of delivering an entirely compatible eyebrow solution that uses what you already have rather than adding external hair.

All eyebrow hair types and growth patterns benefit from the brow lamination treatment. The forehead lamination effect lasts for upto 6-8 weeks. You can also enrol in an online brow lamination course if you’re a beautician or want to get started in the beauty treatment and therapy sector. This course will help you upgrade your skills and offer a unique and high revenue-generating treatment to the client.

Know More About The Brow Lamination Treatment

The Lamination treatment can make brows appear more prominent and fuller and you do not need to use any external make-up for that. The shape of the eyebrows is redefined using a chemical process that breaks down the disulphide bonds in the hair, allowing the therapist to manipulate them into the desired position. The disulphide bonds are restored to ensure the hairs are “fixed” in place, and finally, a nourishing solution is applied to the strands to rebuild keratin bonds and nourish them. The effects can persist for as long as eight weeks.

This is a 30-minute treatment and each service costs around £45, making it an excellent addition to your service menu.

What is Covered in The Online Brow Lamination Course?

Many models and celebrities prefer brow lamination to ensure a beautiful looking eyebrow. Contraindications, anatomy and physiology, health and safety, step-by-step procedures, home care, and aftercare are covered in detail in this online brow lamination course. You can offer bespoke treatment to the clients after completing this course, resulting in excellent results and client satisfaction.

The Advantages of the Online Brow Lamination Course

The online brow lamination course teaches all of the advanced techniques of this trending beauty course and allows you to grasp so from the comfort of your own home. After completing the course, you will be completely accredited and insured, and you can begin working professionally right immediately.

The new eyebrow lamination procedure enables your clients to reshape and finish their brows as desired. This is the best option for asymmetrical brows with a varied hair pattern. The problem of untidy eyebrows is resolved with this eyebrow lamination procedure. The brows are given more volume and fullness. For up to two months, the client can flaunt an exquisite and well-kept brow shape.

Course Costs and Free Shipping

Boost your sales and business earnings with this excellent course! The online brow lamination course originally cost £250 but we at Henna Brows International are currently offering a 30% discount on all our beauty courses and you just pay £175 for this rewarding programme. This is not all! The enrolment also comes with a complete kit containing all the brow lamination products. We also ship globally and provide free shipping above £100.