Why Henna Brows are a Better Alternative to Microblading

Date :December 26, 2019, Henna Brows International Online Henna Brow Course

Eyebrow products are mostly underestimated during makeup regime. But people often forget that eyebrows are the sharpest feature of one’s face. That is why most of the people like better shaped and natural brows to enhance their look. But everybody is not blessed with a proper eyebrow shape. So to make it happen, many ways are being in the run to establish a good brow shape like waxing, grooming and some slightly longer -lasting options like microblading and henna brows.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a sort of a semi-permanent tattoo with which one can get the desired eyebrow shape for over a lasting period of 2 to 3 years. This process is done by a specified trained artist as this process includes delicate needlework which requires precision and experience. It also requires yearly maintenance and it costs around 500 pounds- 1200 pounds. It’s a semi-permanent service and is different than traditional tattoos (The ink used in both the techniques is different which tends a varied result and the longevity of time span is also varied).

Henna Brow Tinting Is a Natural Unconventional Alternative

Henna is a natural and vegan alternative to harsh chemical dyes. An average henna brow tinting costs less than microblading and lasts for 6 to 8 weeks. If someone is looking for microblading effect but wants a less permanent alternative to meet the expense and the pain of microblading then Henna brows is the most opportune and trouble-free decision. Henna brow tinting can transform your total appearance and also allow things to be environment welcoming and help you to be away from deviant products strictly.

How To Purchase Henna Brows Tinting Kit?

If you are looking to include this excellent treatment under your belt then you can easily do so by purchasing the henna brow kit and undergoing online training regarding the processes involved. Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL provides economic and the best quality henna brow products that can be used without any fears. Available in 7 different shades and pigments, what else can one ask for! Order your kit today!