Buy Wholesale Brow Lamination Kits at the Lowest Price

Date :July 22, 2021, Henna Brows International Wholesale lamination kits

Brow lamination or brow perming is a trend that most celebrities are sporting these days. The highly trending brow treatment has gained massive popularity among the common masses as well, and people are turning up to beauty salons to get this makeover done. The salon owners are also raking in high profits by delivering this service and buying the Wholesale Lamination Kits.

We offer a vegan product range, and our kits consist of all the products and tools necessary for all three steps brow lamination procedures. Our Wholesale Brow Lamination Kit are mild and provide the right amount of treatment to the brow hairs, with no over-processing. Brow lamination is a trending process and renders astonishing effects only if the right products are chosen.

The Wholesale Lamination Kits from Henna Brows international are appropriate for all skin types, but we still recommend a patch test before the treatment. This is due to the contraindications that the client may be unaware of! The lamination is a three-step procedure, and our kit contains products to conduct all these steps most hygienically and appropriately.

What Does Our Wholesale Lamination Kits Contain?

  • 1 Pre cleansing protein remover
  • High Impact Brow Lamination- step 1
  • High Impact Brow Lamination- step 2
  • High Impact Brow Lamination- step 3
  • High Impact Brow Lamination adhesive
  • Brow Fixing tool
  • Marketing Flyers
  • Marketing Poster

Our Wholesale Brow Lamination Kits are for professional use, and we make sure that you can easily make staggering profits by delivering class and style to your clients. We also help you with the appropriate marketing materials to promote the service at a broader level.

Zero Product Wastage

Our High Impact Brow Lamination Step 1/2/3 comes in small economical airless containers of 5ml capacity. This ensures zero wastage as you proceed with the salon service. Everything is of premium quality, from the protein remover to the adhesive. The tools like brow trimmers, application brushes, and other required accessories are also enclosed in the commercial Wholesale Brow Lamination Kits.

Be a Part of Our Instant Academy

Suppose you want to get started with an academy of your own or impart courses to the enthusiasts as a Freelance Trainer. In that case, we help you with all the training materials and the accredited Henna Brows Course and Brow Lamination Course. Our extended support enables you to deliver excellence to your students.

Online Teaching Qualification

If you want to upgrade your skills or want your salon staff to be certified with ‘Cibtac Level 3 Award in Education and Training’, then our online teaching qualifications are for you! Get global acclamation and an opportunity to shine out from the rest. Contact Henna Brows International today and speak to us for a customized solution to your concerns!