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Date :July 8, 2021, Henna Brows International Wholesale Brow Henna

Henna Brows is the latest brow artistry and is quite popular these days. Now sparse and lighter eyebrows are not a concern with the exclusive Henna Brows treatment. People can now choose to have organic Henna as a substitute for harsh chemical tints. Moreover, the salons can purchase wholesale brow henna at a cost-effective price and can deliver benefits to their clients.

Henna Brows takes under 3 to 5 minutes to develop and is the fastest colouring in the market. The products from Henna Brow International are of premium quality and give positive results. These are completely safe and vegan and are a popular choice in the professional market.

If you are an existing beauty therapist or if you own a salon, you can order your stock from our brand. We assure you of the fastest delivery of the wholesale brow henna. You can also get free worldwide shipping on orders worth £100 and above. Not only this, but Henna Brow International also provides you with free marketing material to advertise your services.

Why Choose Henna as An Eyebrow Colouring Agent?

Henna is a natural plant-based colouring agent used to enhance the colour of the eyebrows and give them a denser appearance. The wholesale brow henna comes in several colour shades, and the therapist has plenty of varieties to choose from.

You can also create bespoke shades for the clients and can offer them customized service at your salon. The product comes in small sachets and is easy to use. Just a pinch of the product is needed to conduct treatment. You can cater to a maximum number of clients and can make huge profits.

The wholesale brow henna can be used for a long, and an opened sachet can be stored for up to six months if properly sealed after use. You can create the must have Ombre Brows with our exclusive Online Henna Brow Training. Give your clients the best service and make a name for yourself.

Our Instant Academy

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