What to Look for When Purchasing a Henna Kit

Date :October 21, 2021, Henna Brows International Henna Kit

Henna brows is currently in high demand. Most brow techs are opting for Henna Brows these days as it is a vegan alternative to chemical dyes. It offers a longer lasting and better colour ootions to regular tints and lasts for around 6-8 weeks. But when it comes to buying the Henna Kit, one has to be quite particular about the quality and the durability of the products.

Henna colours with versatile hues and longer shelf life are the most recommended choice for brow artists and salon owners. The Henna Brows Kit should also offer you higher profit margins so that you can have an escalating business. Here are some checklists that you can consider before you get one from the market!

  • Check the Sellers Details

Never fail to check the online reviews and ratings of the Henna Kit that you are looking forward to purchasing. When buying online, you need to check social media platforms of the seller (like Facebook and Youtube) for relevant videos and descriptions of the products. It is only then you can judge the product based on the quality and market reputation. This also gives you a fair idea of different colour variations in the kit, if you are still building up a client base and do not have a huge bank of before and after images.

  • Versatility

The next thing you need to look out for is the versatile and various colouring options that the Henna Brows Kit offers. You cannot buy different kits for different clients and skin shades, and so a single comprehensive kit that offers you colour variations and the flexibility to mix and create bespoke shades should be the right choice.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Along with the versatility, you also need to figure out the products that need replenishment and the add-ons you need to prepare the product for the treatment. Many Henna kits need drops of mineral water to form a workable paste. Here you can cut down on costs overall costs.

  • Revenue Generation

Do not miss to check the number of treatments that you can offer from a single Henna Kit. This will give a fair idea of the overall profits that you can make with it. The more the churn rates, the more you gain.

Henna Brows International- What We Offer?

Our henna brows kit is the most comprehensive brow kit in the market and gives you whopping return revenue of over £10,000!!! You can offer 350+ treatments with a single kit and can generate huge profits.

Does your brand have strong marketing material to enable you to market the service online? Our comprehensive henna brows kit contains marketing flyers where you can put your business name and address. These are fantastic to leave at your salon reception or do leaflet drops in your area marketing your business. It includes a marketing poster that is ideal for your salon reception area or treatment room. You even get branded record cards and a crystal pen to promote the treatment further and give you a professional edge.

If you are new to the profession, we also offer Online Henna Brows Course for those who want to grasp a high revenue-generating career course!

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