What Makes Cotton Blend Apron A Better Choice for Beauty Salons

Date :April 29, 2021, Henna Brows International Beauty Salons

An apron is a necessity when conducting beauty treatments. To protect oneself from spills and stains, the therapist must wear a fine quality apron that can give the necessary protection and at the same time, it should be breathable as well. Many prefer using 100% cotton fabric for the comfort and texture that it offers, yet cotton blend apron is the go-to choice when it comes to salons and restaurants. The 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend make them the ideal choice due to their versatility and durability.

Let us understand what makes a cotton blend apron a better option for salons and spa centres!

  1. Colour Longevity

Considering the wide use of an apron, one cannot deny the fact that it has to be washed frequently and regularly. Fast colours of pure cotton fabric are not a good idea when choosing it for such frequent usage. The cotton blend apron gives you a lasting colour as the material holds the dyes better over the passing time.

  • Wrinkling Is Not A Problem

Although cotton is lighter and porous, but extremely prone to wrinkling and sogging. Here a cotton blend apron proves to be a better alternative for maintaining the look throughout the day. These do not need ironing and steaming and are ready to use straight away after the wash.

  • Versatility

A cotton apron may not be appropriate for all purposes and all kinds of industries. But cotton blend fabric has no limitations and can be easily utilized in vast industries be it a salon, a restaurant, factories, manufacturing plants, bakeries, etc. With such immense versatility, it is a better choice than the traditional cotton fabric.

  • Easy Maintenance

The washing and drying instructions that you need to follow with a cotton blend apron are much liberal than the conventional fabric. It is just as easy to maintain as you can expect. It is a much less temperamental fabric and is fuss-free.

Why Do You Need an Apron?

All the leading spas and salons need their staff to maintain a specific dress code to maintain dignity and the standard. Here an apron comes as an easy wear-over for all the salon employees and saves them from the unnecessary dirt and chemicals. This helps them to maintain a professional look and keep away from the mess.

Sizing is not a factor as the cotton blend apron comes in a free size that is ready to fit all individuals. The long adjustable drawstrings are easy to adjust the size and the shape. Henna Brows International offers customized aprons for its clients and the fabric quality and pricing is par excellence. Apart from this, our academy offers Online Henna Brow Course and Online Brow Lamination Course for beauty enthusiasts in the UK and Ireland. So, the next time you are looking for a complete package for online beauty courses, brow products, cotton blend apron, and other beauty necessities, do not forget to connect with us.