What is Online Brow Lamination Course and What Are Its Benefits

Date :February 2, 2020, Henna Brows International Online Brow Lamination Course

An eyebrow lamination is the latest innovation in brow artistry and gives a fluffy and natural looking brows. This eyebrow treatment creates regularity when dealing with different growth patterns, and lamination can vary in the direction of hair growth. It is a very natural remedy and works only with what you have, instead of adding hair.

Eyebrow Lamination treatment is perfect for all hair types and growth patterns. The lamination of the forehead lasts up to 6-8 weeks. And, if you are a beautician or want to kick start a career in the beauty treatment and therapy industry, you can go for an online brow lamination course.

Brow Lamination Course

Lamination makes the eyebrows thicker and fuller without using makeup. In eyebrow lamination, the form of the eyebrows is redefined using a chemical process which breaks down the disulfide bonds in the hair this allows us to manipulate them into the desired position, The disulfide bonds are then result to ensure hairs are “fixed” in place and finally a nourishing solution is left on the hairs to rebuild keratin bonds and nourish the hairs. The results last up to 8 weeks.

You can charge around £45 for this 30minute treatment making this a profitable addition to your service menu.

Diploma Brow Lamination Course Content

Eyebrow lamination is the latest revolution in eyebrow art and is favoured y many models and celebrities to ensure a beautiful looking eyebrow. The online brow lamination coursecovers contraindications, anatomy and physiology, health and safety, step-by-step procedures, home care, and aftercare. After completion of this course, you will be able to treat your clients in the required manner ensuring great results and client satisfaction.

A full kit worth £99 is included in the cost. We also offer Free shipping and ship internationally.

Course Benefits

The online brow lamination coursecovers all the methods you require to recognize to begin earning and offers this well-established treatment from home. The course is fully accredited and insurable on completion meaning you can work professionally straight away.

The new eyebrow lamination treatment allows your clients to readjust their eyebrows in a way that gives them the desired shape and more complete look they want. This is the ultimate solution for eyebrows without symmetry and the hair follows a different pattern. This eyebrow lamination treatment solves the problem like messy eyebrows. It gives volume and fullness to the eyebrows. The person undergoing this treatment gets an elegant and well-maintained eyebrow shape for up to two months.

So, if you want to do an online brow lamination course then join Henna Brows International and increase your sales and business revenue with this fast, profitable treatment.


In the online brow lamination course, you will be taught all the necessary procedures step by step for better understanding and process implementation. You will receive online training materials including a step by step instructional video, you will have direct support with a tutor, and on completion on case studies you will receive certification.