Vegan and Organic Henna Brow Kit

Date :September 3, 2020, Henna Brows International

Brow colouring is a popular technique and many salons are providing this brow colouring service to woo their clients. What is even more interesting is the variations in the colour tint, the shades, and the texture they provide. Of all the colouring products, Henna definitely tops the lists! Being a completely natural product, it is known to be absolutely safe for colouring the brows. This has made the purchase of a henna brow kit, mandatory for the fashion lovers!

Why Is Henna Colouring System Preferred Over Chemical Tints?

Henna is a plant derivative and that makes it completely organic and free from toxic chemicals. The area which is there around the eyes is delicate and you should not risk it at any cost. So, a henna brow kit is the first choice when it comes to brow colouring treatment. Henna has been used traditionally for dying and imparting rich hues without any side-effects. Henna brow kit also comes cheaper than those chemical-laden tints and is affordable for the pocket. So, let us take a quick tour here to know all its advantages:

  1. 100% Natural & Organic
  2. Effective &Long Lasting Colours
  3. Several Shades &Variants Available
  4. Cost effective and  affordable
  5. Vegan

Buy Your Henna Brow Kit from A Renowned Company!

To be 100% sure of the quality and pricing, it is always advised to get your henna brow kit from us! We provide excellent brow colouring products and brow lamination products along with the requisite tools. At Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL, you need not worry about the inferior product or poor safety. All our products are scientifically tested and goes through a series of security checking. Our brow kits are absolutely easy to use and impart magical makeover to your brows.

Colour Variants

Our henna colouring system comes in 7 different colour variations and it can be further played with, to churn out newer shades.

Colour Lasting

Our henna is of superior quality and gives optimum results that last for 6-8 weeks. The colour fades out gradually and needs a re-touch after 8 weeks.

How Long It Take for The Complete Treatment?

Henna is a quick colouring product and takes around 5-10 mins to impart colour to your brows. Right from the application to the product removal is done under 15-20 minutes. The sachets can be used for about 6 months after opening (if properly clipped and stored).

What Is the Product Quantity in Each Henna Brow Kit?

We offer commercial packages for brow products and every single kit can give you around 300 applications. With the prevailing market rate of approximately £30 per treatment service, you can make around £10000 from a single kit itself!

Our kit consists of all the colouring tools, product, promotional material, branded record cards as well as social media logos! We help you with aggressive marketing strategies to capture the market! Shop now and avail a 10% discount on your first order. Convert to ‘Henna Brow Colouring System’ today!