Utilise the Quarantine Time Effectively with Online Henna Brows Course

Date :April 2, 2020, Henna Brows International Online Henna Brows Course

Been looking to expand your skills but just not had the time?! A common complaint of beauty industry professionals and salon owners. As closing your salon to attend training can be costly.

Our online accredited Henna Brows and Brow lamination courses are fully accredited and insurable on completion. Allowing you to train from the comfort of your own home and at your leisure.

Henna is rumoured to be taking over from tint within the industry. If you don’t already offer this service you are cancelling our a HUGE growing market. Undertaking an online henna brows course using the fastest henna on the market will give you the competitive edge when returning to work. It also allows you to utilise the time of quarantine with an online educational course to benefit and expand your business.

What Are Henna Brows?

The latest innovation in brow colouring, Henna brows is longer lasting than tint lasting up to 6 weeks. With 7 colour variations which can be mixed and matched together to create a custom bespoke colour for each and every client. Henna contains no lead, no ammonia and is natural and vegan friendly.

Why is This So Popular?

  • Most of the people prefer the henna brows to the traditional tinting because henna is a natural product and it lasts longer than the traditional tinting
  • It is longer lasting than regular tinting
  • Henna is Vegan
  • Contains no lead and no ammonia
  • 7 colour variations
  • Refreshes the pigment in old semi permanent make up

The OnlineHenna Brows Course

  • When you book the course your kit is dispatched straight away and you will receive the online training materials.
  • The kit you receive is worth £295!! And contains everything you need to get started.
  • The online course allows you to learn at your own pace at your leisure
  • The course includes an online training manual, training video, and direct tutor support

Last Words

Join the leading henna brows brand and train with the online henna brows course using the fastest henna on the market to set you apart from your competition.

Henna Brows International has the most comprehensive kit on the market. From the kit alone you stand to make back over £10,000. Making the online henna brows course an affordable option with a high return on your investment. You can contact one of our team of professionals via email to learn more or simply purchase via the website. This will prove to be beneficial as you will be able to utilise the quarantine time due to COVID-19 and broaden your skill set to expand your business opportunities when you re-open.