Transform your profit margins by investing in a Henna Brows Kit for your salon

Date :March 18, 2022, Henna Brows International Transform your profit margins by investing in a Henna Brows Kit for your salon

Eyebrows are what define a face. No matter how well you apply makeup or skincare to a client’s face, sparse eyebrows can still ruin your photographs. Now more popular than ever, thick, and properly shaped eyebrows are also signed of youth and beauty and can make a face more attractive. As a beauty expert, you must have encountered many clients who are dealing with the problem of eyebrow thinning or naturally having thin eyebrows. Give them an eyebrow makeover with our new & improved henna brows kit.

The Henna Brows International Henna Brows Kit is a game-changer in the beauty industry. It offers natural and precise brows that will complement and enhance facial features. Our Henna brows kit is the latest innovation in the beauty industry that helps your client to get naturally coloured beautiful eyebrows. It contains all the required products along with marketing materials so you can properly promote the service in your salon. It also contains social media logos so you can market online.

Up to 350 Treatments Per Henna Brows Kit

A single kit can last up to 350 treatments and provides 7 Henna shades. Each sachet can be used for up to six months so there is no wastage. This comprehensive henna brows kit from Henna Brows International is one of the best brow kits available on the market.

The henna brows powders are very easy to use and apply, using a two-step procedure all you need to do is to mix it with a few drops of mineral water. The henna comes in seven different shades which can be mixed and matched to get a unique colour combination. A Henna brows kit from Henna brow International contains the following


Advantages Of Henna Brow Kit


  •     It offers a high profits
  •    Can measure the usage exactly by using measuring scoops to minimise wastage
  •     Mixing palette helps to mix different shades
  •     Professional marketing flyers with a section to add the business details of yours
  •     Promotional posters to market these special services

Henna brows are a great option for most clients as they are completely natural. It is important however that you still do a patch test before application. Get your client to do a patch test about 24 to 48 hours before treatment. After opening the henna brows powders should be stored in a cool and dry place, store within a foil package with a safety clip sealing it shut.

Our Discount Offer

Transforming your clients’ brows with Henna is a great choice that will produce incredible results, helping you to generate more business. The store is currently running a discount on the Henna Brows Kit and there is an added FREE CONCEALER PALETTE worth £30 with every kit purchase

To learn the basics of the Henna Brow treatment and how to use the henna products with maximum efficiency, you can enrol in our Online Henna Brow Course to start upgrading your skills today.