Step by Step Guide To Henna Brows!

Date :January 13, 2022, Henna Brows International Step by Step Guide To Henna Brows!

Henna Brows are a form of brow colouring that darkens the brow hairs to the desired shade while also staining the skin underneath them for a 3D appearance. Henna, a natural colourant produced from the henna plant, and it is used to colour the brow hairs and give more definition. The Online Henna Brow Course teaches you all the detailed treatment procedure so that you can conveniently cater to your clients with this trending brow colouring method!

Henna Brows Vs Regular Brow Tinting

Henna is a natural alternative to typical brow tinting with a chemical dye. It may be better for persons with sensitive skin or those who react to the hydrogen peroxide used in normal tinting.

The outcomes are a little different. Regular brow tinting may leave a stain on the skin, but the residues wash off in a day or two, and it’s more of a side effect than the desired appearance. Henna is designed to colourt the brow hairs and stain the skin, giving it a more dramatic appearance akin to micro shading or powder brows. An Online Henna Brow Course can teach you all the detailed methodology while allowing you the time flexibility you need!

Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide To The Procedure:

Step 1


The skin must be smooth and free of any makeup, skincare, and sebum residues to achieve the best results. A cleanesing wipe is used to clean the brows completely.

Step 2

Create an Outline

Because henna colours the skin, it’s possible to alter the arch form somewhat. It may give thickness to the arches or make them seem somewhat more slanted if put slightly outside the natural hairline. A white brow mapping pencil can be used to draw the desired shape before you head with the product application.

Step 3

Henna Brow Powder Application

Mix the henna powder with adequate mineral water and a few drops of Henna Brows Intensifier Drops, if needed. Different colours may be combined to create a bespoke colour.

Henna is applied to the brows using a henna applicator brush or an angled brow brush. A heavy coating is preferred to saturate the brows. One should brush back and forth over the brows, using enough pressure to enable the henna to reach the skin behind the brows, particularly if the client’s brows are thicker.

Any extra henna that goes outside of the required outline is wiped away with Brow Clean Up Sticks to obtain clean margins.

Ombre Brows- The Craving Trend

Nobody wants their brows to seem like a block of colour with square inner edges! For an exquisite ombre look, leave the brows’ heads lighter and progressively darken towards the middle of the arch.

The ombre look may be produced by putting a thinner henna coating on the heads or by removing the henna off the heads after approximately 5 minutes and leaving the remainder of the brows exposed.

The product is left to develop for 3 – 20minutes depending on the colour intensity required. It is then finally removed and wiped. The henna is removed with a moist cotton pad, revealing beautiful coloured eyebrows below!

Step 4

Eyebrow Shaping

The hair removal method– threading, waxing, or tweezing – is used to sculpt the client’s brows. If the skin isn’t accustomed to eyebrow wax for face, threading may be the best alternative since it is the gentlest type of hair removal technique. Brow Trimmers can also be used to shape the eyebrows!

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