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Precision Brow Trimmers

(4 customer reviews)

£18.99 (ex VAT)

Brow trimmers are ideal for use post brow lamination. They can be used to create a fluffy effect on brow hairs and give texture. The precision brow trimmers are super sharp to give a sleek or fluffy effect to hairs. The easy-to-use brow trimmers from Henna Brows International are a versatile and easy to use.

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If you plan to define the shape of your client’s brows and give texture and trim with precision, the Brow Trimmers from Henna Brows International are the best option available. The precision sharpness and design of the trimmers allow absolute precise trimming to create the perfect shape.

Getting the perfect brow shape is now simple with the precision Brow Trimmers. The twissors design is ideal for picking up any rogue hairs with accuracy and precision. They allow you to trim the brow hairs to the desired length without creating the blunt edge of scissors.

The Brow trimmers will help to give clients a sharp and specific shape to their brows. They are a must-have accessory for brow artist looking to enhance the effect of their brow services.

Benefits of Brow Trimmers

The brow trimmers from Henna Brows International are available exclusively from our online shop and can be used to trim brow hairs quickly and effortlessly whilst creating texture for those who desire a fluffy laminated look to their brows. The brow trimmers do not have the blunt edge effect which you get with scissors.

The brow trimmers offer a professional finish to the eyebrows and provide a safe and precise way to effortlessly trim and shape the brows.

How to Use the Brow Trimmers?

 Comb hairs into position and glide the trimmer against the hair growth to trim away any excess length. The brow trimmers are an easy-to-use tool and give the desired result instantly.

4 reviews for Precision Brow Trimmers

  1. Yvie Donaldson

    I use after laminating to take the brows to the next level, makes such a difference my clients love it!

  2. Jemma Smith

    Very versatile, I use them for everything

  3. Jorja Gordon

    Enhances the brows so much

  4. Aleah Gray

    Great results so far

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