Nourishing Brow Oil

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Here’s our vegan cold-pressed Eyebrow Nourishing Oil only from Henna Brows. The Eyebrow Nourishing Oil provides nourishment to your brows. Further, the Eyebrow Nourishing Oil is the best option for those undergoing Henna application.


The vegan cold-pressed Eyebrow Nourishing Oil exclusively from Henna Brows International provides nourishment to the brow hairs and is great for post brow lamination.

The Eyebrow Nourishing oil comes with 10 FREE applicator tubes allowing you to decant the product and give to clients as an aftercare product to help nourish and maintain their brows after the lamination process.


The Eyebrow Nourishing Oil from Henna Brows International is 100% vegan. It is a cold-pressed oil that helps to soften and nourish the brows hairs. The Eyebrow Nourishing Oil is an essential aftercare product for the client post lamination.

The Eyebrow Nourishing Oil comes with ten FREE applicator tubes that you can decant the oil into for the client to take away. The Eyebrow Nourishing Oil gives the eyebrows a glossy finish.


The Eyebrow Nourishing Oil is formulated with botanical oils to condition and stimulate the skin underneath. The oil helps renew sparse patchy brows and encourages hair growth to make them look fuller and thicker. It strengthens the brow hairs and provides deep-conditioning effects to promote hair growth.

The Eyebrow Nourishing Oil from Henna Brows International is for both men and women with all skin types. Regular nourishing oil application extends the longevity of brow treatments and promotes brow growth. The oil is extracted from the natural process without involving any chemicals. The nourishing oil helps soften hairs and can be used daily.

How to use Eyebrow Nourishing Oil?

There are many ways to apply the Eyebrow Nourishing Oil.

  • Dip a clean finger or a cotton swab in the nourishing oil
  • Spread the oil gently over your eyebrow in the direction of the hair growth
  • Repeat the same on the other eyebrow
  • Leave overnight and gently wipe off any excess in the morning before washing your face

Ingredients:  Castor oil, sunflower seed oil

3 reviews for Nourishing Brow Oil

  1. Milly Sinclair

    The brow oil is fantastic the best one I have used by far.

  2. Leigh Gibson

    Best brow oil I have used by far .

  3. Evelyn Fleming

    All my clients love this product .

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