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NEW!! Henna Brow Intensifier Drops

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Intensifier drops for Henna Brows allow users to intensify their brow colour and increase longevity. The Henna Brow Intensifier Drops ensure a long lasting intense colour. All you need to do is add two drops to your normal mix, and the intensifier will work its magic. Purchase the Intensifier Drops today to up your Henna Brows game.

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Henna Brows concentrated intensifier drops help you to create a custom brow colour for your clients, maximising their desired results.

Our intensifier drops can be used to create a deep, rich colour that is long-lasting and natural.

Every client’s brows are unique which is why we at Henna Brows International created an exclusive colour intensifying solution that can be used to create bespoke colours.

Henna Brow Intensifier Drops are colour free and are not to be used individually but rather to amplify the colours of our Henna Brows Powders. Add to your henna brow mix to create the perfect intense colour for blondes, red heads, brunettes, who desire more coverage.

Our henna Intensifier drops are clear, odourless, fragrance free and suitable for use at home or in a salon.

Each amber glass dropper bottle comes with a glass pipette so the product can be directly dispensed into your henna mix. The squeezable bulb gives the user full control over how much of liquid is dispensed, so no product can ever be wasted.

All of our ingredients are naturally sourced, vegan friendly and suitable for most skin types.

Ingredients include Sunflower oil, sesame oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, eucalyptus oil.

Always carry out a patch test before application.

How to use Henna Brow Intensifier Drops

 Henna Brows Intensifier Drops are ideal for clients and customers who like to intensify their brow colour. Create a bolder, statement brow by mixing just two drops of our intensifier drops to your chosen Henna Brow Powders. Mix together on our Brow Mixing Palette and apply directly to the brows using our Precision Applicator Brush.

Perfect for customers striving for a rich, long lasting brow colour our intensifier drops work well for filling in sparse gaps, covering greys and transforming thin and patchy hairs into fuller, thicker brows.

Purchasing our Henna Brow Intensifier Drops will massively increase you or your clients’ brow game!

Benefits of Henna Brows Intensifier Drops

Looking to improve your henna brow results? Hoping to up your brow game? Or simply want darker, longer lasting brows? Henna Brows International Intensifier Drops can quickly boost your colour taking you or your clients brows to the next level. Packed full of vitamins, nutrients and natural moisturizers, these drops will help maximise your colour results while providing added skincare to your henna routine. Some benefits of our intensifier drops include:

  • Boosts brow colour: Helps to intensify henna brow results
  • Helps your to create custom brow colours
  • Makes your brow powders last longer and go further
  • Creates long lasting, impressive results
  • Encourages client loyalty and repeat business
  • Perfect for creating statement brows
  • Moisturizes: Naturally rehydrates the skin
  • High in vitamin E offering anti inflammatory and anti aging properties
  • Easy to use, a little goes a long way
  • Offers quick results for clients

Buy our Henna Brow Intensifier Drops today to take your brows to the next level. You won’t believe the difference!

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1 review for NEW!! Henna Brow Intensifier Drops

  1. Anya King

    Wow I can not believe the difference these make. So glad I tried them.

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