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Measuring Scoops

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£3.99 (ex VAT)

The Henna Brows Measuring Scoops allow you to measure out your exact henna useage. With the Henna brows Measuring Scoops there is zero waste. The Henna Brow Measuring Scoops helps you to be precise in your measurements. The Henna Brow Measuring Scoop comes in pack of four.


The Henna Brows Measuring Scoop allows you to measure out your exact Henna usage. With the Henna Brows Measuring Scoop, you can ensure there’s zero wastage. The measuring scoop helps you to be precise in the measurements. Henna Brows International offers the brow measuring scoops in a handy pack of four.


When planning to apply Henna a measuring scoop is essential. The Henna Brows Measuring scoop helps you ensure an exact and precise measurement of henna. Giving exact precision to each application. And ensuring that all future treatments are consistently the same.

The henna brows measuring scoops are sold as a set and are available in a pack of four. The Henna brows measuring scoops are also available within the Henna Brows Kit. The Henna Brows Measuring Scoops have been specifically designed for henna application and are some of the most durable, versatile, and functional tools available. Perfectly designed for the measuring Henna brow powder, they are easy to clean and store.


The Henna Brows Measuring scoop allows you to measure the exact usage of Henna per treatment. We recommend 2-3 scoops of Henna mixed with 5-6 drops of mineral water to create a smooth, creamy paste. As Henna is a powder-based product, it can dry out or go a little thick depending on the room’s temperature. Always keep an eye on your Henna mix and if you feel that it is getting a little thick, just add another couple of drops of water and mix through.

Success in the Henna application comes with accurate measuring. The set of Henna Brows Measuring Scoops are a practical solution to measure accurately. The scoop is made of durable plastic with non-slip grip handles. The scoop comes with a handle for easy reach into the Henna Brows International powders.

How to use it?

Take the Henna brows measuring scoop and take 2-3 scoops of your chosen Henna powder. Decant into the mixing palette and stir into a smooth, creamy paste.

Why Use Henna Brows Measuring Scoop?

You can make the Henna brows application swift once you have chosen the right amount of Henna powder. The Measuring scoops enable the use of the Henna powders to be precise. And eliminates the wastage of the product. Please note once the seal is opened on your Henna powders the Henna should be utilised within six months.

The measuring scoops are an essential for any brow tech ensuring that you choose the correct measurement each and every time. Purchase the Henna Brows Measuring Scoop and make the overall process seamless. Henna Brows International offers high-quality products at the best price.

Note: The Henna Brow measuring scoops are included Free within the Henna Brows Kit.

4 reviews for Measuring Scoops

  1. Gabriella Jones

    measuring scoops are excellent for scooping out the henna they are the perfect size to bring out the right amount of henna that you need

  2. Lillian Brown

    These are so handy would be lost without them , Great to scoop out the henna and it is a perfect pack of four that you are getting. Definately recommend .

  3. Eleanor Duncan

    Great product

  4. Kaitlin Black

    Don’t know what I would do without these

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