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Henna Brows Record Cards

(4 customer reviews)

£10.99 (ex VAT)

The Henna Brow Record Cards are branded consultation forms to make the appointment swift and informative. The latest Henna Brow Record Cards have been designed in such a way to capture records and inspect previous records and timings quickly.


Henna Brows International has come up with the latest brow record cards that specifically note down details before clients go for a consultation. If your salon offers Henna Brow treatments, the brow record card are essential. The professional branded brow record cards allow you to record and understand the client’s requirements. This helps the technicians have a detailed specification as your client undergoes the Henna application treatment.


The Henna Brow Record Cards from Henna Brow International helps technicians clearly understand the customer’s requirements. The Henna Brow Record Cards includes all the client details and lists all the contraindications, allowing the clients to sign off on these easily.

The Henna Brow Record Cards are included in the henna brows kit and are also available separately in packs of 25. You get a complimentary branded crystal pen. Order the Henna Brow Record Cards and make your service swift and result-oriented.

Benefits of Brow record cards

The Henna brow record cards take the stress out of the consultation process. The professionally branded record cards list all contradictions to the henna brow service. Moreover, it enables your client to tick off any medical conditions where necessary. The brow record card also comes with an action for clients where they can sign off when they have carried out the patch test.

Another vital section for all brow technicians is the option to document colours and timings used at each appointment to ensure a consistent service for your clients. Henna Brows International offers brow record cards in a pack of 25. And includes a FREE Henna Brows International crystal branded pen.

Note: The Henna brows record cards are included Free in the Henna Brows Kit.

Why use Brow record cards?

Every customer comes with different needs. The clients specific needs must be understood if you plan to offer a high-quality service. The latest brow record cards primarily focus on exact details. This helps both the customer and the technicians coordinate with each of the requirements. Offer your customer a fully branded service with our henna brow record cards.

4 reviews for Henna Brows Record Cards

  1. Alicia Martin

    Perfect size of record cards plenty of room for the information that needs to be on it.

  2. Ruth Johnstone

    Great product

  3. Madeleine Jamieson

    So handy to have in your business

  4. Aaliyah King

    Saves so much time

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