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Henna Brows Precision Applicator Brush

(4 customer reviews)

£10.00 (ex VAT)

The Henna Applicator Brush from Henna Brows International gives a precise application of Henna. The Henna Applicator brush offers you the opportunity to create a perfect brow in a short space of time.

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The Henna Applicator Brush from Henna Brows International gives a precise application of Henna. It provides you the opportunity to create an even and precise application in a short space of time. Designed exclusively for henna application, the brush is suitable for professional salon or home use.


The Henna Applicator Brush has been designed with professionals in mind. It helps you apply the Henna thickly and efficiently with ease. The Henna Applicator Brush enables you to pack on the product effortlessly allowing for the best finish possible.

The professional Henna Applicator Brush is designed by experts for experts. The Henna Applicator brush ensures direct and easy application. The pointed angled design makes the overall application cleaner and quicker.

The brush has a body design that has been created to make the overall process as smooth as possible. You can order the latest Henna applicator brush for a perfect henna application The brush ensures the general application of henna is precisely focused on areas that are harder to reach.


The applicator brush is designed for a seamless Henna application. It aims to offer a precise and defined finish. The brush is developed to hold the perfect amount of henna. Built with high-quality handles and bristles, the henna applicator brush is made of a quality plastic handle, durable to use. And is easy to clean.

The bristles are soft, which means they will bring you an excellent user experience. Basically, designed with a pointed handle, it is suitable for parting and selecting eyebrow hairs to apply henna to those hard to reach areas. The henna brows brush is easy to clean and store after application. The Henna applicator brush is reusable and long lasting.

How to Use the Henna Applicator Brush?

Apply a small amount of Henna mix to the Henna brows applicator brush. Now start to pack the Henna on thickly, beginning at the tail. Slowly clean around the brow perimeter. You’ll experience that the Henna application gradually achieves the result.

Remember that henna can take very quickly so don’t leave it on the brows for too long. Leave the Henna paste for 3-20 minutes depending on desired result. Henna Brows International helps you achieve the perfect henna brows. Ensure you wash the applicator brush and allow it to air dry.

4 reviews for Henna Brows Precision Applicator Brush

  1. Kira McMillan

    I love this precision applicator brush. I don’t have a steady hand, so found this brush much easier to work with and was very pleased with the results.

  2. Peyton Muir

    Perfect brush to use to apply henna would definitely recommend

  3. Paige Robertson

    My go to brush I would be lost without it.

  4. Leona Douglas

    This brush is fantastic to use on my clients .

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