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Henna Brows Marketing Flyers

(5 customer reviews)

£13.99 (ex VAT)

The Henna Brows Flyers come in a pack of hundred. Promote this profitable service and include your business name at the bottom of the Henna Brows Flyers. The flyer gives you an option to make your promotional material stand out with a customsation section.


The Henna Brows Flyers come in a pack of hundred. Allowing you to promote the henna brows service within your salon. The Henna brows flyers include a section to include your business name at the bottom. In addition, the flyer gives you an option to make your promotional material stand out with this customisation section where you could add your logo or business stamp.

Marketing helps the brand reach out to the masses, and the Henna Brows Flyers are the best promotional material that can give the benefits of the service offered by your business. The branded flyers give you the edge over your competitors, and you can gain new clientele effortlessly.

The flyers are uniquely customisable allow you bring more business directly to your salon, the bottom section allows you to personalise your service, salon name and logo stamp. The Henna Brows Flyers help connect you with potential clientele and can easily be used in flyer drops for your local area or at open days or events.

The henna flyers include the henna brows international branded logo and image and the benefits of the service to entice potential customers. This reassures clients that you are using a well known branded henna during their treatment. Our Henna Brows Flyers are aesthetically designed to give an appealing appearance to be easily used in your campaigns and promotions.

Benefits of the Henna Browse Flyers

The Henna Brows International branded marketing Henna Brows Flyers explains the critical selling points to help market this service to potential clients. They have an inbuilt section at the bottom where you can add your salon details or logo. An excellent item for leaflet drops in your local area promoting the service and for salon reception areas. The Henna Brows International marketing flyers come FREE in the Henna brows kit.

How to use the Henna Brows Flyers?

Add your business or salon details to the bottom of the Henna Brows Flyers and promote the service. Popularize your salon and the brow services by distributing the Henna Brows Flyers and get an edge over your competitors in the market. We help make your marketing easy and effective.

5 reviews for Henna Brows Marketing Flyers

  1. Jaime Findlay

    Good quality flyers. Definitely recommend to get them to have in your salons to hand out to you clients.

  2. Fearne Hughes

    Great flyers ,you get a good amount for the price that you pay.

  3. Maryam Kerr

    Amazing product

  4. Orlagh Forbes

    Great for promotion

  5. Neve Millar

    Love these

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