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Fine Point Brush

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The Fine Point Brow Brush from Henna Brows extends for precision when applying Henna. The Fine Point Brow Brush is absolutely suitable for sparse gaps on the brow. The Fine Point Brow Brush comes with excellent quality pointed tips that help you get perfect coverage.

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The Fine Point Brow Brush from Henna Brows International extends for precision when applying Henna on hard to reach areas. It has been designed for precision use on the sparse gaps within the brow. The Fine Point Brush a unique angled design and the highest quality fine pointed tip to help you get perfect coverage.


The Fine Point Brow Brush has a perfectly angled tipped brush design that allows for exact precision when applying Henna products on the brow. This unique Brow Brush is the must have tool for any henna brow tech as it guarantees precision on the hard to reach areas.

If you are looking to add some extra definition on sparse gaps, the Fine Point Brow Brush is the best option. The brush guarantees a precise finish making the Henna application process effortless. A great addition to any brow tech kit, it offers easy, precise applications to give extra definition and dimension to the brows.

The perfect henna application comes with the help of a great brush. Good brow tools assist brow techs in offering the best brow service, and this makes this precision brush a must-have addition to your henna brow kit. The Fine Point Brow Brush allows you to create clean edges and give a defined structure to the brows. In addition, you can create various brow shapes using the fine tip.

Advantages of using the Fine Point Brow Brush

The specially designed Fine Point Brow Brush can be used to fill in small gaps during henna application. It is ideal for use on a 2nd application where you are adding more definition to a certain area. It creates detailed customisation to the brow shape adding more depth to sparse areas.

The unique shape of the brow brush makes it easy to grip, and the tool is simple to use, even for a beginner. It gives a professional application of the henna brow products.

How to Use the Fine Point Brush?

Take the Fine Point Brow Brush and apply a small amount of your henna brows mix directly to the desired area to fill any gaps. Ensure a precise brow outline using the brow mapping pencil before henna application.

5 reviews for Fine Point Brush

  1. Erica Kennedy

    Perfect to use with henna, the fine point brush is the ultimate tool for creating precise lines and adding detail. This small, thin brush is made with super soft, long synthetic fibres and is perfect for thin detail lines.

  2. Heather Wilson

    This brush is lovely, it makes application easy and it’s precise like it claims to be. No issues at all with it and may need to get some more.

  3. Julia Wood

    If you want that crisp finish and looking lines this is definitely the brush. I couldn’t get a better outcome beats any brush I have used.

  4. Cora McKay

    Great product, best fine brush I have used by far

  5. Sally Stevenson

    Best brush for fine details

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