The Professional Range Pro Wax Pot

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The Henna Brows Professional Eyebrow Wax Pot is a must-have for any salon or brow business. The Eyebrow wax pot has been designed for everyday use and is durable and easy to clean. The wax pot warms all types of wax quickly and efficiently to the perfect waxing temperature.



Designed by professionals to be used by professionals, the Henna Brows Professional Wax Pot is easy to use and highly durable. Eyebrow Wax Pot is used for hair removal on the delicate brow area. The eyebrow wax pot has an inner aluminum container that keeps wax heated and maintains the ideal temperature.

The Eyebrow Wax Pot comes with a clear plastic break-resistant lid that allows you to observe the wax while protecting it from outside contamination. The wax warmer is easy to clean and safe to use.

 Benefits of Eyebrow Wax Pot

The Eyebrow Wax Pot is a popular option for brow technicians and beauty salons. The Eyebrow waxing pot holds a full pot of wax and can be used to heat all types of wax within the inner chamber. The wax pot is also available as part of the Eyebrow waxing kit. Made from high-quality materials the eyebrow waxing kit comes with a UK plug.

Usage Instructions

  1. Cleanse the area to be treated.
  2. Decant the wax in to the Eyebrow Wax Pot.
  3. Melt the Eyebrow Wax for Face completely at a low temperature. (About 20 minutes) Apply the wax on the skin in the desired direction. (Always test the temperature of the wax before applying it to your skin.)
  4. Remove wax swiftly keepingthe skin taught
  5. After waxing, cleanse the skin with a soothing post wax lotion.

Cleaning Directions for the Eyebrow Wax Pot

Unplug the Eyebrow Wax Pot and wait until the wax pot is cool enough to touch. Add few drops an oil based wax remover on to a paper towel and clean the pot/machine to remove any spilages. Any oily residue may be wiped away with a clean, dry towel.

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5 reviews for The Professional Range Pro Wax Pot

  1. Lucie Young

    Super easy to use! Best wax pot I have tried so far, really recommend.

  2. Freya McIntosh

    Very reasonable priced for the time and effort it saves me in the salon.

  3. Alyssa McIntosh

    A must have for your salon, great for everyday use as it’s easy to clean and heats up quickly.

  4. Lucia McGregor

    Provides a seamless wax, buying professional makes all the difference

  5. Hailey Craig

    Maintains a perfect waxing temperature on it’s own, so you don’t have to worry about reheating the wax. Such a time saver.

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