Brow Lamination Dual Kit

£110.00 (ex VAT)

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NEW High Impact Brow Lamination kit. This dual product can be used for both brow lamination and Lash Lift. Offering a great investment for salons as this cuts down on wasted products. The Brow Lamination Dual kit comes with enough brow lamination products to carry out 30 treatments. Giving a return revenue on the kit of over £1300!!

Product timings are 5-8 minutes depending on hair type for steps 1/2 and step 3 is left on the lashes to condition and nourish.





  • Lifting Lotion-10 sachets
  • Fixing Solution- 10 sachets
  • Nourishing Lotion- 10 sachets
  • Adhesive x1
  • Brow Fixing Tool
  • Promotional Flyers
  • Promotional Poster
  • Record cards


Our Brow Lamination Kit has been designed to avoid over processing of the brow hairs during the treatment. Our product helps you to create and maintain the desired direction of the eyebrows.

Perfect for individuals with unruly eyebrows or those who desire a fuller fluffier shape. As the best Brow lamination kit comes with easy to apply the solutions. The overall process is designed to be quick and effortless for professionals similar to a lash lift.

How to use the Brow Lamination Kit?

Brow lamination or Brow Perming involves setting and fixing the eyebrows into place. It aims to offer fuller, fluffier brows or an eyebrow perm without having to go through a complicated process.

Firstly you must ensure that you perform a patch test 24 hours ahead of utilizing the Brow Expert Brow lamination kit. And if you have severe acne or skin sensitivities, it’s worth checking with your dermatologist or doctor. After removing all makeup, skincare and oils from the brows. Apply the pre cleansing protein remover to prep the brow hairs.

Then apply the adhesive to set hairs into the desired shape.

Then apply step 1 and leave on up to 8 minutes depending on whether it is brow lamination of thin brows or brow lamination on thick brows and whether you want a bolder or subtle brow lamination

Remove with a dry cotton bud and repeat the application using step 2

Remove step 2 with a dry cotton bud and Apply step 3 to nourish the brow hairs. Step 3 stays on the brows there is no need to remove this.

High Impact Steps 1/2/3 are 100% Vegan.

Professional Use only.

Patch test must be performed


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