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Angled Brow Brush

(6 customer reviews)

£8.99 (ex VAT)

The Angled Brow Brush from Henna Brows is best applicable for precise henna application. The Angled Brow Brush is ideal for full brows, structured brows, filled-in brows and more. At Henna Brows, we provide premium quality angled brow brush for all your grooming and blending requirements.

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The Angled Brow Brush from Henna Brows International offers the best option for precise henna application. The angled bristle brush helps create clean lines.  Henna Brows International have designed the brush with professionals in mind.

The Angled Brow Brush from Henna Brows International helps in the perfect shaping and defining of the eyebrows through henna application. This brush has been specifically designed to meet the demands of a busy brow tech and is easy to clean and store. The bristles are incredibly soft yet firm to enable it to hold a high volume of product whilst giving a precise application. The bristles are of optimum quality and keep their shape whilst being durable and long lasting

The length of the Angled Brow Brush is comfortably designed for ease of use. This product has gained popularity with henna brow artists and the angled brush is available as part of the Henna Brows Kit. It is a must have tool for all brow technicians.

The Angled Brow Brush can be used create the perfect henna application.

Benefits of Using an Angled Brow Brush

The sharp angled edge of the Angled Brow Brush allows for clean, crisp lines when applying Henna. It gives a well-defined boundary to the eyebrow and guides the brow technician for precise application. The results are very precise.

How to Use the Angled Brow Brush?

Pick up a large amount of Henna on your brush and start at the tail. Then gradually, begin to pack the product onto the brow. Clean up the outer edges as you go using the brow clean up sticks. The Angled Brow Brush helps in the easy application of Henna.

6 reviews for Angled Brow Brush

  1. Eloise Craig

    Best brush ever! It leaves my eye brows on point!!

  2. Farrah Paterson

    The angled brush is the very best eyebrow brush I have ever come across! I have purchased MANY brow brushes through the years and I’m so happy to have finally discovered this one. It has a superfine edge that can create natural-looking individual hairs and it’s stiff enough to work through my thick eyebrows to define them

  3. Connie Crawford

    This brush is just right for applying henna because it’s very slim and easy to use.

  4. Kathryn Reilly

    Perfect for applying henna. Slim handle comfortable to hold. Henna goes on fantastically

  5. Alesha White

    Works good and easy. The brush is sharp, and you can create beautiful lines with this brush!

  6. Layla Watt

    This brush makes it easy to apply the henna. It’s easy to hold the make the shape of the brows excellent I would recommend this for sure.

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