Offer! Buy Premium Quality Henna Brows Kit with Free Shipping!

Date :January 28, 2021, Henna Brows International

Henna Brows is the most popular brow choice amongst clients! The traditional henna colour is the natural substitute for the chemical tints and provides a longer lasting colour to the eyebrows. Many beauty conscious enthusiasts are ditching the chemical-laden beauty products in favour of vegan alternatives to embrace natural ways to enhance their look. The best quality Henna Brows Kit is a necessity when it comes to colouring the brows in natural hues.

You can now get hold of the premium henna brow products from the top international henna supplier. The happy news is that you can also avail of “Free Worldwide Shipping for Orders above £100”!

Get the Perfect Colour Shades!

If you have already conducted a brow colouring treatment prior to this, you know how difficult it is to create customize shades for the clients and come out with perfect suitable colour. But with the 7 different colour variants in our Henna Brows Kit, you can now breathe free as you get ample choices to suit every skin tone. We also teach professional mixology in our Online Henna Brow Course, which helps your custom create new shades and also come up with the latest Ombre Brows!

“Quality” Is What Defines Our Henna Brows Kit!

When you buy from us, quality compromise is the last thing you need to worry about! We provide you with high quality vegan henna products along with the application tools in our professional Henna Brows Kit. The rich henna colour not only gives your brows a natural tint but also dyes the skin underneath. This helps to get you a lasting colour effect and the colour is good to go for 6-7 weeks.

Our Henna Brows Kit Has A Longer Shelf Life!

Our Henna Brows products come in small sachets and you can use them conveniently without any wastage. It stays good for 6 months after opening the pack if you keep it properly stored.

How Many Treatments Does the Starter Kit Give?

You can easily conduct 300+ treatments with our Henna Brows Kit. Assuming the price per treatment to be £25-£30, you can easily make £10500 from the starter kit itself!

What Does Our Kit Contain?

We provide you a complete set of Henna Brows products as well as the finishing tools and other pre-requisite items. We help you with the promotion of this excellent brow treatment and help you with all the marketing materials required. Right from the branded record cards to social media logos we provide you with it all!

Why Choose Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL?

We are a beauty training academy and we also have an economical online shop dealing in various brow products! Our students can get the training as well as the required products at the best price. The quality is par excellence and you get complete marketing support to promote your services. In short, you can avail of everything that is needed to get started!