Mega Discount- Get Your Professional Henna Brow Kit At 10% Off!

Date :February 18, 2021, Henna Brows International

Henna Brows is the latest brow treatment that provides you with darker and fuller brows. Now no more concerns regarding fading colours or sparse gaps as you have a vegan solution to these beauty woes. Our Professional Henna Brow Kit gives richer and darker shades in just 3 minutes. Henna being a natural plant derivative is vegan and contains no ammonia or peroxide and gives a greater colour variety with 7 colours to choose from which you can mix and match together.

Henna Brow INTERNATIONAL-The Fastest Colouring System

We are the fastest Henna colouring system in the market. Our Professional Henna Brow Kit contains all the premium brow colouring products along with the finishing tools. It is a complete package that gives you all that you need to get started with the latest Henna Colouring System. Do not get left behind and change brands today to get associated with the best name in the market. We offer you a welcome discount of 10% if you decide to collaborate with us. We will also provide you with free marketing materials, social media logos, and other promotional aids to help you propagate your service.

All about The Professional Henna Brow Kit

Our Henna kit comes with seven colour variants to suit every skin tone. You can also master the art of professional mixology to create bespoke shades for clients. The products come in small sachets that can be properly clipped after opening. Our Henna Brow products stay good for six months after opening so that you can eliminate any waste or loss. These are completely vegan and safe products and are highly recommended by experts.
Our Henna Colouring system is the fastest colour as it can give results in just 3-5 minutes. Unlike other colouring systems that takes as long as 30 minutes, Henna Brows helps you give the best treatment in the quickest time. It allows you to make larger profits as each sachet gives you around 50 treatments. You can make £1500 as profits from the single sachet and the entire Professional Henna Brow Kit can give you £10500 as returns. Now that is a whopping sum and should be strongly considered if you want to make tables turn in your favour!

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We are there you help you with marketing gimmicks and provide you with all that you want to take your service to another level. Along with all the marketing materials, we also offer you free shipping above orders worth £50. And atop this, we also give you a welcome discount of 10% if you decide to convert to our brand! Now no need to stop and think but order your Professional Henna Brow Kit today!