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Date :November 18, 2021, Henna Brows International Henna Brows Kit

Henna Brows is the latest brow treatment that makes the eyebrows darker and fuller. You no longer have to worry about the sparse brow growth since you now have a vegan answer to your cosmetic problem. In only 5 minutes, our Professional Henna Brow Kit and Henna Brows Powders will help you achieve a richer and deeper colour. Henna, a natural plant derivative, is a safe and effective way to colour your eyebrows. Colouring not only the brow hairs but also the skin underneath them. The Henna Brows will last 6-8 weeks without the need of any touch-up.

The Fastest Colouring System – “Henna Brow INTERNATIONAL”

We are the industry’s quickest Henna colouring method. Seven of our fast-colouring henna bow powders are included in the Professional Henna Brow Kit along all the necessary tools and marketing material to work as a henna brows specialist. The full kit that includes everything you’ll need to get started with the most up-to-date Henna Colouring System.

Don’t get left behind; henna is taking over from tint! Switch henna brands now to get the most from your henna services. If you decide to work with us, we will give you a 20% welcome discount, and we will also provide you with free marketing materials, social media logos, and other promotional materials to help you spread the word about your service.

Everything you need to know about the Professional Henna Brow Kit.

We cater to every skin tone with our Henna kit, which comes with seven colour variations. You will also learn how to produce custom hues for customers by mastering the art of professional mixology. Our Online Henna Brow Course teaches you to serve your clients like a pro.

The Henna Brow Powder is packaged in boxes that contain henna sachets that can be clipped after opening to ensure longevity. Our Henna Brow Powders are valid for six months after opening, so there is no waste or loss. These items are fully vegan and safe, and recommended by experts.

Our Henna Colouring system is the fastest on the market, with results in as little as 3-5 minutes. Unlike other colouring systems that might take up to 30 minutes to develop, Henna Brows allows you to provide the best treatment in the shortest amount of time. It helps you to generate more profits since each sachet contains material sufficient for around 50 treatments. The single sachet can earn you £1500, while the whole Professional Henna Brow Kit can earn you £10500.

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