Limited Time Offer- 30% Discount on Online Brow Courses!

Date :July 2, 2020, Henna Brows International

Eyebrow treatments are big business in the beauty industry today! Client’s demand is high and social media plays a big role in promoting the latest trends! The latest innovations in Brow artistry and hottest trends right now are HENNA BROWS and BROW LAMINATION.

Henna Brows International is the leading henna brand and offer online training to allow you to easily master the art of Henna and brow lamination and boost the revenue of your business.

These Online Brow Courses can be carried out from the comfort of your home and at surprisingly affordable prices!

Courses on Offer at Henna Brow INTERNATIONAL

  1. Online Brow Lamination Course

Brow Lamination is the hottest trend in brows. This course will show you how to create thick, fluffy textured brows. The treatment itself takes less than 30mins allowing you t turn over a high volume of clients and boost your profits.  Simply purchase the Online Brow Lamination Course from our website and boost your business.

  • Costs- We are currently running an offer and you can purchase the course at £225 instead of the previous price tag of £250. The costs are exclusive of the VAT charges. This also includes a full kit worth £99 for free!
  • Duration- You have 6 months to complete the course and upon successful completion, you will be accredited with Brow Lamination Diploma!
  • Online Henna Brow Course

Henna is TAKING OVER from tint. The reason being it is a completely natural and vegan product. Contains no lead or ammonia. Learn the expert mixology and application to create bespoke tailor made brows for each client. Simply purchase Online Henna Brow Course from the website and and give your clients the most sought after colouring system.

  • Costs- This Cousre is also available at a discounted price of £300 (ex. VAT) instead of the previous price of £350. You get a full Henna Brow Kit worth £295 free with this course enrolment! The kit contains enough product to make back over £10,000 in revenue!!
  • Duration- This course allows you a completion time of up to 6 months upon letting you train at your leisure. Upon successful completion you will gain certification from our esteemed institute.

Discount Offer at Henna Brow INTERNATIONAL

Although the Online Brow Courses are already available at a discounted price, we decided to offer certain discount codes to further beat the pricing burden.

  • Discount Code- “COURSE10” You are entitled to a 10% discount on using this code if you enrol for anyone of the online courses from our institute!
  • Discount Code- “BOTH30”. If you want to master two different courses at one go you can enjoy a 30% waive off upon the total charges!

The Benefit of Enrolling at Our Training Institute

  • Book Any Online Training Course and Get A Fluffy Brow Gel Worth £13.99 “FREE”
  • Get a Full Kit Worth £99 “FREE” with our Online Brow Lamination Course!
  • Avail a Complete Henna Brow Kit Worth £295 With Our Online Henna Brow Course at no extra charges!