Know What a Brow Lamination Course Offers You!

Date :July 23, 2020, Henna Brows International

What Is A Brow Lamination Course?

We all want to have beautiful and uniform eyebrows! Brow Lamination is one of the latest treatments to help you achieve those fluffy looking eyebrows you have dreamt of! It is one of the latest trends on social media and you must be seeing almost all the influencers flaunting their laminated brow look. Brow Lamination lifts the hairs from the roots and sets them in place making them appear thick and fluffy.

How Does This Work?

  • Firstly, the eyebrows are cleaned to understand the natural shape and direction of hair growth.
  • Next, a brow lift cream is applied to help soften the hair and move them in the new direction of hair growth
  • This is followed by applying a nourishing cream to set your newly moulded eyebrows in place.

Who Is This Treatment Best Suited For?

Eyebrow lamination process involves brushing the eyebrow hairs so that they follow the same direction of hair growth. The eyebrow lamination process works on all types of eyebrow hair; however, it is mostly useful for those who have unruly brows. This process helps is taming the brow hairs that grow in random directions.

Few Important Things to Keep in Mind:

The wet and sleek look achieved right after the treatment lasts for about 24 hours. If you preferto flaunt a wet look even after that time span, you can easily create it by applying a brow gel or serum. For the first 24 hours after the treatment, one has to avoid hot showers and exercises.

Brow Lamination Courseat Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL:

The online brow lamination course at Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL is aimed at experienced brow technicians who are looking to add this latest service in their treatment menu. This treatment is a new entry in the UK market and it is already a hit within the industry. The online course design helps you to study as per your comfort. This course includes training videos, online training manuals in addition to direct contact with tutors. If you avail Brow Lamination Treatment from us, you can expect it to last for up to 6-8 weeks.

What We Offer:

At Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL we offer a brow lamination training course at £225+VAT which includes a kit worth £99. We are running a hefty discount on our online courses and the previous price of £250+VAT has been slashed for your benefit and convenience. Students are required to have a brow waxing/shaping qualification before attending this course. Being an internationally renowned institute, our course is taught by highly educated and experienced tutors. In addition to this, candidates have six months to complete the course.

Candidates have to complete the theory online followed by the submission of 3 case studies to gain certification. Our Online Brow Lamination Course is fully accredited and it is also insurable on successful completion.

Qualification Offered: “BROW LAMINATION DIPLOMA”

This course covers Contraindications, Anatomy & Physiology, and Health & Safety. In addition to this, it also covers step by step procedure, homecare, and aftercare and troubleshooting.

Whether you have got ultra-thin eyebrows or want more volume or want more shape and control, this is the treatment that is the top requested one among the clients. So make sure you are offering your clients the most popular treatment!


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