Increase Your Salon Revenue A with Wholesale Henna Brows Kit

Date :April 8, 2022, Henna Brows International Increase Your Salon Revenue A with Wholesale Henna Brows Kit

Henna Brows are one of many popular brow treatments currently storming the beauty industry. The standard of beauty changes every decade, but a pair of thick, natural-looking brows that flatter a client’s face are always on trend. But not everyone is blessed with brows that best suit them, and as a beautician or aspiring brow artist, you will encounter lots of men/women who are dissatisfied with and will want to chance their eyebrows. In this case using a henna brow technique to fill out and emphasise the brow is the best option for maximum client satisfaction and longevity.  To start offering this highly popular, in demand treatment in your salon purchase a professional henna brows kit today.

Henna brows are a natural way of colouring a client’s eyebrows that imparts a fuller appearance and more dramatic look. Including this treatment in your salon service list is a guaranteed way to boost your sales and attract more profitable clients. For this the henna brows kit offered by Henna Brows International is perfect as it ensures high revenue and zero waste. Being the best in the market, Henna Brows International sells the latest and most comprehensive henna brows kit which includes seven beautiful henna shades as well as all the tools needed to get started. Let us look at the best advantages of purchasing the kit from us.


Fastest Process


Our henna brows kit offers the latest and fastest process of hair colouring available on the market. The quickest colour development ensures maximum client turnover with shorter processing time thus allowing you to generate more revenue. Our henna brow kit is fully vegan and derived from nature. It contains no ammonia and needs no peroxide to develop.


A Complete Set of Products & Marketing Tools


Our comprehensive henna brows kit includes everything you need to introduce henna brow treatments into your salon or brow business. Prices includes all the necessary tools, henna powder, accessories, seven unique colour variants, and marketing materials.


The unique marketing products help you promote the brand in your salon or your online social media page. Which also contains online logos which can be branded in accordance with your business.


Simple Two-Step Process


The process is straightforward. It is a two-step procedure. It saves your time and effort. Just mix water with henna powder, and it’s ready to apply. But always remember to use mineral water. You can use any colour from the various shades that best match your client’s skin tone. You can also create new bespoke colours by mixing the shades to create a bespoke shade for your client. Depending on the desired effect, the process takes around 3 – 20 minutes. A single sachet provides enough Henna to carry out over 40-50 treatments.

Cost-Effective Option 


Our henna brows kit is one of the best for value kits on the market. If you order now you will also get a free concealer palette worth £20! If you are ordering for a salon or beauty academy, we recommend buying in bulk for exclusive discounts. Free UK shipping is available on all orders over £50.


Generate more revenue and increase your brand value by offering henna brow services in your salon. Henna brow International will assist you in taking your beauty business to the next level.