How To Use The Brow Lamination Kit

Date :June 24, 2022, Henna Brows International How To Use The Brow Lamination Kit

Everyone wants to have a perfect eyebrow. A beautiful eyebrow enhances the beauty of a face. Henna Brow International has always served its clients with its unique products. Henna Brow International offers salon owners and beauty therapists professional training to acquire this skill using a high-quality Brow Lamination Kit.

  • The lamination kit can transform the brows and lashes and give them a new look.
  • Step-by-step procedures should be followed, uplifting the eyebrows and giving them a smooth appearance. This will also conceal the gaps between the eyebrows and increase the brow’s volume, giving it an even look.
  • The Brow Lamination Kit has a bonding solution that helps keep the eyebrow’s shape in the proper place.
  • The Brow Lamination Dual Kit can carry out 30 treatments without any wastage.
  • The treatment takes around 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the eyebrow of the client. There are three simple and easy steps to follow for a brow lift from the root of each hair.


How to use the Brow Lamination Kit?

  1. A patch test should be performed 24 hours before the treatment. If the client may have sensitive skin or can be prone to acne, it is better to consult a dermatologist beforehand. Remove all the makeup from the brows and gently apply the pre-cleansing protein remover. The remover will prepare the brow hairs.


  1. An Adhesive is applied to the brow.


  1. Repeat the first step and leave it for 8 minutes if the client wants a bolder or more precise lamination.


  1. Gently remove the application with dry cotton buds and then repeat the second process of the treatment.


  1. Again remove the second step and apply the serum, which contains aloe vera, chamomile, etc., as its ingredients. It enhances the health of the eyebrows.


Henna Brow International has come with an easy-to-use Brow Lamination Kit for beauty professionals for their esteemed customers. Our Brow Lamination kits are entirely natural; no harmful chemicals have been used. The Kit will save time and help you run your beauty business successfully. Customers will earn their desired look. Henna Brow Lamination Kit will help you give a bold transformation of your client’s brows and lashes.

Customers can gain some benefits from the dual lash and Brow Lamination Kit. The treatment proposes to set the brow hairs giving them a completely new look. It increases the volume of the hair and helps in its growth too.