How to Start Your Own Beauty Training Academy at a Low Cost

Date :September 9, 2021, Henna Brows International Beauty Training Academy

Looking to start your beauty training academy? Or do you want to become a freelance trainer but you are not sure where to start? Henna Brows International is a one-stop destination for everything that you need to build a successful school! Our Instant Academy packages help you start your own academy with minimal downtime. We help you to offer our popular Online Henna Brow Course and Online Brow Lamination Course to enthusiast learners across the globe.

Whether you want to deliver online beauty courses or conduct physical training classes, we help you with all the training materials and support you will need to get started. With more and more people choosing comprehensive online beauty courses and quick online eyebrow courses to further their career, training online has become the new normal. Our online courses cater to everyone, helping students to kickstart their career from the comfort of their own homes. The popularity of such remote beauty courses is that they are low-priced, flexible, profitable, and highly rewarding.

How Can We Help You With Marketing?

Starting a beauty training academy is not easy, but with us as your associative partner it is a whole lot easier! We don’t just assist you with the instant academy packages; we also will send you potential leads in your area. Our marketing support and exciting offers will help you close deals and create recurring revenue. Our marketing team takes care of the business development process and other necessary requisites, guiding you through the entire process.

What You Get From Our Instant Academy

  • Accredited Training materials allowing you to offer both online and in-person training
  • Online Training Videos
  • Student Certificates
  • Training manuals
  • FREE worldwide shipping
  • X3 Full Henna Kits and x3 Full Lamination Kits. (Worth $1636.23)
  • Henna Browse International Apron and marketing materials
  • 30% discount on products and kits
  • Online logos and marketing materials
  • Sales leads for your area
  • Designated Business support manager to guide you through the process

What If I Don’t Have A Teaching Qualification?

Do not worry; we offer you an internationally recognized and relevant teaching qualification certificate to help you deliver online eyebrow training and lectures. So, all you need is ambition, and we help you to succeed.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Beauty Training Academy!

As a reputed name in the henna brows industry, Henna Brows International offers the best support in delivering quality beauty courses at the lowest cost. We offer the best henna brows training and products on the market, so we have started this Instant Academy package to help you and your business grow. Our collaboration can help you deliver our popular online eyebrow courses worldwide and expand your business. We also dispatch the kits and certificates directly to the course learners, so that you don’t have to incur any shipping charges. Get in touch today to learn how we can take your beauty business to the next level.

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