How An Eyebrow Henna Kit Can Benefit Your Business

Date :February 11, 2022, Henna Brows International How An Eyebrow Henna Kit Can Benefit Your Business

First and foremost, we must understand what an Eyebrow Henna Kit is and how it can be used for eyebrows. You can colour the eyebrows with henna with a quick and natural treatment so that they are in perfect shape without the use of pencils or powders. This is a great approach for achieving natural and full eyebrows for your clients using products derived from nature. Henna has been used traditionally for centuries for temporary body art and for dyeing various products.

Henna Brows – The Natural Solution To Popular Eyebrow Colouring

Henna is a vegan product derived from the lawsonia inermis plant. The henna brows procedure is very similar to using henna for the hair, but the shades have been specifically designed and curated to match eyebrow hair colour. The Eyebrow Henna Kit from our online shop contains 7 different variants to suit different skin tones. One can also mix and create bespoke shades from it.

Henna colouring on the eyebrows is semi-permanent. The constant release of oils and the renewal of skin cells and environmental factors cause the henna to fade off eventually. The duration of henna on the brows might range from 6 to 8 weeks. The duration also varies from person to person and is determined by the skin’s acceptance to henna. It stains the skin and colours the brow hair.

How to Apply the Eyebrow Henna?

In a small bowl, combine henna powder and 5-6 drops of mineral water to make a thick paste. Set aside for a while so that the colour develops. You can also use the intensifier drops to elevate the richness of the henna brow shade.

Brow Shaping is a Must

Eyebrows until now were often an overlooked part of grooming. People didn’t don’t bother shaping their brows or filling them in with brow pencils or powders. Eyebrow shaping and grooming were not given the proper importance in grooming until a few years ago. For this reason, people often struggle to fill their brows in correctly or achieve the perfect shape for their face, this is where henna comes in. The best solution is to suggest a professional Henna Brow Treatment using our comprehensive Eyebrow Henna Kit.

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Shaping A Clients’ Brows

A White Brow Mapping Pencil can help you outline your clients’ eyebrows to better achieve their desired look and shape, this way you can ensure that the brows will complement their facial features. Either threading or the Eyebrow Waxing Kit can be used to reshape the brows before you proceed with colouring using the Eyebrow Henna Kit.

Make The Brow Colour Last Longer

Request the client to avoid the sun or sunbeds for a few days after the henna brow treatment, informing them about the potential risks and reasons to do so. After henna applications, it is not recommended to wash that area at least for 12 hours. Also, any strong cleaners or exfoliators should be avoided. Coconut or shea butter should be used to protect and hydrate the region. Our fluffy brow gel will also help keep the brow hair nourished and moisturised.

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