Here is All You Need to Know About Henna Brow Kit

Date :May 2, 2020, Henna Brows International Henna Brow Kit

Eyebrows play a significant role in defining facial contours. Henna Brows is the latest innovation in brow colouring and is rumoured within the industry to fast be taking over from tint.

Henna brows is natural and vegan friendly, it contains no ammonia or led and there are 7 colour variations to choose from. It is a natural process of colouring the eyebrows to create an illusion of depth & fullness.

Henna Brows International offer the most comprehensive kit on the market. From the kit alone you can make back over £10,000 in revenue. The henna brow kit is worth £295 but is currently on sale for just £199!!!!

How long does the treatment take to carry out?

Henna Brows International is the fastest henna on the market. The colour can take in as little as 3 minutes.  (depending upon the depth & shade required). And the best part about this natural way of colouring the brow hairs is that it last up to 6/7weeks.

What is included in the Henna Brow Kit

  • X7 Henna Colours
  • Henna Brows Angled Applicator Brush
  • X3 Henna Precision Pencils
  • Mixing Palette
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Henna Safety Clip to Seal Sachets
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • White Brow Mapping Pencil
  • Henna Brows Record Cards
  • Henna Brows Pen
  • Henna Brows Marketing Material

Importance of Top-Quality Henna Brow Kit

If you are an eyebrow technician, then you should buy your henna brow kit only from a reputed store. Henna Brows International offer the most comprehensive kit on the market. We also supply you with strong marketing material and social media logos to help set you apart from your competition. Henna Brows International is a well known and respected Henna company and will ensure repeat visits as well as client referrals.

Why Associate with Henna Brows International

If the quality of material & service is what you strive for, then place your order for henna brow kit from the renowned Henna Brows International, the most preferred destination of all eyebrow technicians for their training & certification in this profession. Henna Brows International also offers marketing material & social media stickers to promote the henna brow colouring method in your salon as well as on the digital platform. So, establishing yourself as a Henna Brows International brow technician will set you in good stead within the industry.