Henna Brow Treatment- The Latest Brow Colouring Treatment

Date :October 30, 2019, Henna Brows International

Maximum people are opting for natural and vegan beauty treatments to enhance their look. Be it any facial or any sort of hair treatment, natural plant products are in demand. These vegan products are natural and safe and free from any type of side effects. Henna is one such plant product that imparts excellent pigmentation and dyes your skin (tattoo) and hair. It has wide usage since old times and people still prefer it over chemical dyes.

Many people are blessed with dark coloured thick eyebrows but many are unfortunate in such field and need to get their brows tinted artificially. Henna Brows International provides excellent Henna Brow Treatment kit that contains this natural plant product for eyebrow tinting. Being an extremely pigmented product, henna not only colours the brow hair but also stains the skin beneath, providing an all-natural look. Such treatment is quick, easy and affordable and lasts for long. It is a profitable business for salon owners and a much-demanded one!

Know More about Henna Brow Treatment

Products Required

All you need is our Henna Brow Treatment kit and you are good to go. Our kit contains henna in various colours and shade and you can opt for the correct pigment and colour shade according to the hair colour. We make sure that every skin tone and every person gets his/her perfect shade. Two or more shades can be blended as well to achieve the desired colour.

Time Taken

Henna Brow Treatmentis a quick process taking barely 10 minutes including the application time. You can increase or decrease the time limit as per skin and hair type. But overall it is a quick procedure.


The Henna Brow Treatment kit has a considerably good shelf life with a lasting period of about 6 months after opening the sachet. Each sachet can give you near about 50 eyebrow applications and you have enough time to finish the opened sachet.


Henna Brow Treatment lasts up to 6 weeks (approximately) and needs regular touch-ups. Your loyal clients will keep coming back for reapplication!

Salon Training

We, Henna Brows International provide training sessions for your staff faculty and you can avail appropriate and correct brow tinting techniques and enjoy a team of highly trained beauty experts. Our staff training courses are cost-effective as compared to other similar training camps in the market. You can contact us for details and further queries!

Colour Variety

Henna Brow Treatmentkit has 7 colour variations that can be further mixed and merged to develop newer shades. Why lookout for chemical dyes when you can avail of easy and cheaper vegan dyes that is risk-free and safe?

Profit Margin

With small application time and higher shelf life of the sachets, you can cater to a higher volume of clients and cash in huge profits. Other beauty services are time-consuming and you cannot serve many clients due to time limitations, butHenna Brow Treatment is an easy and profitable beauty treatment.

Henna Brows International offers the most comprehensive kit on the market. Return revenue from the kit alone is over £10,000″