Henna Brow Kit – All You Need to Know!

Date :May 28, 2020, Henna Brows International

Henna brows is the latest must have brow treatment, and is widely rumoured within the industry to be taking over from tint. All you need is a henna brow kit from a superior brand and you are good to go!

A Natural Product with No Chemicals

Henna has been known to mankind since primitive ages. It is a wonderful natural colorant/dye that is derived from the leaves of the Henna plant. It is a natural and vegan alternative to harsh chemical dyes. With the world ditching animal products and synthetic dyes and going vegan, a henna brow kit provides the best brow colouring option! Now the conditioning of Henna can be comfortably applied to colour your eyebrows without worrying about the side-effects. The process is simple, quick, and result-oriented! It has become a popular beauty treatment and many beauty therapists are offering Henna brow colouring to their clients!

7 Colour Variants Available

Henna is fast conquering the eyebrow colouring market as more and more people are opting for henna shades and refraining from chemical dyes. You get 7 colour variations to suit different skin tones and so you have plenty of choices in shade range. You can even mix different shades to come out with a creative new tone! Time to explore your creative side with endless choices!

Simple Steps of Using a Henna Brow Kit

It is a quick fast procedure all you need to add is just mineral water. No need for harsh exfoliators or shampoos. Can things get simpler than this!

Benefits of Using a Henna Brow Kit

There are innumerable advantages of using a Henna Brow Kit for Brow Colouring System:

  • Quick and Easy
  • Completely Vegan
  • No chemicals, no ammonia, no hydrogen peroxide
  • 100 % EU compliant
  • Completely Safe on the skin (a patch test is always advised though)
  • High-Profit Margin Beauty Treatment
  • ONLINE accredited Training Available (if needed)
  • Greater shelf life of the product (Store an opened pack for a good 6 months with proper storage)

Why Shop from Us?

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