Grow Your Salon Business With Our Affordable Henna Brows Kit

Date :March 11, 2022, Henna Brows International Grow Your Salon Business With Our Affordable Henna Brows Kit

Are you a salon owner? Do you want to improve your profits but do not where to start? Raising the cost of beauty services at your salon may risk a drop in your client base. So what else can be done to balance the rising business expenses? You can now buy the beauty products at reduced rates to offset the incurred costs and make higher profits. If you are offering the brow treatment at your salon, do not forget to check the professional henna brows kit from our store and include it in your monthly purchases.

We offer the best Henna colour in the market, our brand has made a mark in the beauty industry with its supreme quality and affordable pricing. We cater to B2B clients, and our online store has all the products and supplies needed to professionally carry brow lamination treatment and henna brow treatment. The wholesale packages contain enough materials to let you go through the month without worrying about repeated product purchases. In addition, you can calculate your inventory requirement and order in bulk from us at no extra shipping cost.

A Little More About Henna Brows Kit

Our comprehensive henna brows kit contains henna shades in 7 colour variants. This lets you cater to clients with bespoke requirements and specific colour tones. You can also mix and match the powder shades to recreate a new colour as per the client’s skin colour. You can successfully deliver the much in trend Ombre brows with the skilful blending of the Henna shades along with a little professional training. If you want to master the art of offering the best treatment to the folks, enrol for the online henna brow course and gain expertise with our virtual training.

The henna brows kit also consists of the tools and equipment like the angled brow brush and the brow mapping pencil that would further assist you in delivering high-quality service to your esteemed clients. This will help create a professional name for your beauty salon. Some inclusions of the kit are:

  1. Henna Brows Angled Applicator Brush
  2. x3 Henna precision pencils
  3. Mixing palette
  4. Measuring scoops
  5. Henna Safety Clip to seal sachets
  6. Alcohol Wipes
  7. White Brow Mapping Pencil
  8. Henna Brows record cards
  9. Henna Brows Branded Pen
  10. Henna Brows Marketing Material

Our Marketing Support

When we commit to customer support, we mean it! We are the best Henna Brows brand in the UK. What makes us even dearer to our customers is the support and assistance for your business development. We offer you marketing materials like social media logos, flyers and other support aides so that you can popularise the service in your area. The expansion comes easy when you offer quality at an affordable price, and we aim to do the same through our vegan and natural henna brows kit.

Discount Offer!

We currently have offers on our henna brows kit, online courses and lamination products along with free UK shipping above £50. So, get your professional henna brows products today and start increasing your profits.