Get the Best Henna Brow Kit for an Extraordinary Result

Date :January 2, 2020, Henna Brows International

Henna Brows are one of the newest developments in the beauty industry. God has not blessed everyone with the best eyebrows, But now it can be achieved with minimum effort and some excellent techniques created by our experts. Henna brows is a popular concept and is fast gaining popularity among the affluent circle of fashion-conscious influencers and celebrities. The henna brow kit is the most comprehensive kit on the market and ensures you have all the tools needed to give your clients the custom, bespoke brows

Henna Brow Kit VS Chemical Dyes

Chemical dyes are not natural plant derivatives and are known to cause side-effects. These are not safe on the skin and may cause rashes and other dermatological problems. Although chemical dyes are stronger when it comes to rendering pigmentation, yet it is not recommended by dermatologists and expert beauty technicians. Staying away from them is the cleverest thing that one could do!

Henna, on the other hand, is a plant product and a vegan alternative to harsh chemical dyes. It is a natural pigmentation provider with zero side-effects. It is proven to be suitable for most of the skin types although a patch test is always recommended. Henna brow kit is easily available to conduct your brow tinting treatment in the most natural way. A henna brow kit comes in several colour variants and you get a variety of shades to choose from!

All about Henna Brow Kit

Henna brow kit can be easily purchased from Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL at the most economical price. We are bulk suppliers of Henna brow kits and are the most popular supplier in the market owing to our supreme product quality.

Shelf Life of Our Henna Brow Kit

We provide you with larger economical packs of Henna tints that can give you up to 50 treatments. All you need to do is to safely clip in the opened sachet and it is good to be used for the next 6 months. Larger packs are economical for your salon business and help you make huge profits. Believe it or not, you can make close to £1500 from each sachet.

Colour Variants

The Henna brow kit that we provide comes in 7 different colour variants. It means you and your clients have ample choice of shades to suit different skin tones. Dump the harsh chemicals when you can have colouring liberty with natural vegan products! The colours are also long-lasting and give you 6-8 weeks of perfect brows!

Usage and Time Consumption

A henna brow kit is the simplest treatment and you can get it done under 10 minutes. All you need to do is to mix the dry ingredients with water and apply it on to the brows and wipe it off after 3-20 minutes. This means that you can attend to a larger number of clients in a day and convert your salon profits. Order your Henna brow kit from us today and make your beauty salon the most profitable venture!