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Date :October 7, 2021, Henna Brows International Beauty Training Academy

Are you working in the beauty industry and looking to progress into the training sector? Our instant academy package gives you everything you need to start an instant beauty training academy. The package allows you to re-sell our online courses via your business as well as offer in-person training. You can offer Online Henna Brows Course and online brow lamination course through your instant academy.

The package offers instant revenue for your business, and you can even add on a teaching qualification if you do not currently have this.

Courses covered in our instant academy package:

We assist you in offering these two popular courses worldwide

  • Online Henna Brows Course

Henna Brows is getting popular in the beauty circle as it offers a vegan alternative to chemical dyes, if one wants to get an eyebrow colouring done. With comprehensive training and appropriate certification, the candidate can serve numerous clients and can make huge profits. This course also enables the learners to upskill their salon service and cater to a huge number of clients in a short time.

Our Online Henna Brows Course comes with a complete Henna Brows Kit and all the training materials needed to complete the course successfully. This course can offer you a huge potential to make your training academy popular. You can have an exhilarating number of candidates as any beginner with simple brow shaping skills can undertake the learning process.

  • Online Brow Lamination Course

The Online Lamination Course has been made popular by the recent beauty trend of flaunting straight and conditioned brow looks. This is a profitable add-on to most salons’ service lists, so beauty therapists are flocking in to get the brow lamination diploma under their belt. You can provide them with hands-on training as freelancers or offer them virtual courses through the instant academy packages.

What Makes Online Beauty Courses So Popular?

With the recent digitalization, learning on a virtual platform has become common. It allows a person to take up a skill or course in their leisure hours and is also a budget-friendly and economical choice than attending physical beauty classes from high-end institutes. The online lamination course and henna brow course come with appropriate videos and theory classes backed by our mentor support. It makes learning easy and convenient for an already professionally engaged enthusiast.

What Do Our Instant Academy Packages Offer?

We offer training material for both online and physical courses. We also help you with sales leads in your area. Our marketing support helps you make your services and academy popular. The starter kit provides you with the tools and materials needed to get started immediately. Internationally recognised teaching qualification is offered if you want to get trained to start your academy. We also dispatch kits and certificates directly to the candidates so that things are hassle-free for you and you incur no shipping charges.

What’s Included

  • Accredited Training materials allowing you to offer both online and in-person training
  • Online Training Videos
  • Student Certificates
  • Training manuals
  • FREE worldwide shipping
  • X3 Full Henna Kits and x3 Full Lamination Kits. (Worth $1636.23)
  • Henna Browse International Apron and marketing materials
  • 30% discount on products and kits
  • Online logos and marketing materials
  • Sales leads for your area
  • Designated Business support manager to guide you through the process


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