Get Enrolled for the Best Online Brow Lamination Course

Date :December 12, 2019, Henna Brows International

Are you looking to enroll yourself for an online brow lamination course? Don’t fall in a dilemma as Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL is here with the latest online brow lamination course, where our professional brow artists will guide you about how to style brows. Once you pass the course, you can quickly put your foot in the grooming world. We will teach you the basics of brow lamination.

Know about us

Henna Brow International is a leading brand all over Europe with a vast experience in beauty products. We are associated with many renowned fashion names. As a leading brand, we work with some of the high profile celebrities. Meanwhile, this has brought us a surmountable experience in understanding the requirements of our clients. Our online brow lamination course will show you how easily we make things look beautiful.

Salon Training for you

As we said earlier, we simplify the grooming industry; likewise, the online brow lamination course is designed with a scientific touch so that you can provide the required result to your client. The course is offered within a time frame. You have to complete your program within six months of duration.  Our team of technicians for the online brow lamination course also provides group training. Additionally, if you own a salon, we also offer extensive henna products all over the UK.

What is the course pattern?

Learning online henna brow needs an extensive amount of dedication. This also has a vast area of understanding; however, our online henna brow course includes theory as well as practical. Meanwhile, you will also have to submit three case studies.  After successful completion of the course, you will be provided a certification of excellence. This will further help you in many ways. The accreditation provided by the Henna Brow is internationally recognized.

Learn at an affordable rate

Our online brow lamination course is the cheapest and the most economical all over the UK and Ireland. We charge a fee of £250, excluding VAT. This includes a full kit of henna brows to tint over 50 treatments. This sums to over £1200 as the standard charge is up to £35 per treatment. With all those henna, we will also provide full study material, video training, and direct support from our professional tutors.

Is henna brow demanding?

Everybody wants to flaunt scintillating looks. Brows add beauty to your face. However, not everyone is gifted with grooming skills. There is a high demand for brow artists and technicians in the market. If you are interested in learning brow treatment, then you should get the latest online brow lamination course. We are one of the first brands to start such a course at an affordable rate. Further, if you have some experience, then this course act as a feather to your cap. As a brow therapist, you will use the most refined technique in satisfying your client. Contact Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL if you need our support. We are here only for you.