Get Complimentary Henna Brow Kit with Our Online Henna Brow Course

Date :July 1, 2021, Henna Brows International Henna Brow Kit

Brow Colouring is not new. It is a concept that’s trending in the fashion industry for quite a long time. But the innovative products and new techniques have changed this treatment for the better. Now harsh chemical is replaced by vegan plant-based dyes that impart a lasting colour without any harmful effect. The Online Henna Brow Course teaches you the appropriate usage of Henna Brow Colours along with the correct application technique.

Henna Brows International offers online eyebrow courses to patrons in the UK, USA, and Ireland. These courses teach you brow artistry in a unique form. We believe in delivering quality, and so we have our own range of brow products that offers you a better and healthy alternative to chemical tints. Our Henna Brow Colours is the fastest colouring in the market and imparts a lasting effect.

Those who want to include this incredible service in their salon menu list can opt to get the training under our brand. We not only help them with a comprehensive learning experience, but we also help them promote the services thereafter. All the marketing materials, social media logos, and other promotional materials are provided by us. Our Online Henna Brow Course is perfect for those who want to add an extra feather to their skill set!

The Course Details

If you want something quick and simplified, then this online henna brow course is the perfect example. Our beauty courses are easy to understand and costs within your budget. All our study materials and theories videos help you grasp the basics of this brow treatment in no time. You will learn everything from scratch. Brow shaping/waxing qualification is all that you need to possess before starting with our course. You need to complete the theory online and submit 3 case studies (no time limitation) to gain accreditation. Our course is fully insured and certified.

Supporting Materials

We provide a professional Henna Brow Kit set worth £295 along with the course cost. This kit has all the necessary tools and products that you need to get started. Right from the application to the finishing tools, you will have it all. Our mentors and guides will give you a detailed lesson on using these Henna Brow products with complete perfection. All the applications, precautions, after-care and troubleshooting are taught intricately in this extensive Online Henna Brow Course.

Benefits of Enrolling with Our Brand

We are the most recommended Henna Brow brand in the market. You get 360-degree support from us with the promotions and the learning. Our starter kit alone helps you make a profit of above £10000 by catering to your clients.

Henna Brows is the latest in the brow artistry field and is a revolutionary brow colouring treatment. Henna Brows takes less than 3-5 minutes to develop, and so you can attend to the maximum number of clients. This allows you to turn around an astonishing amount of revenue for your salon. Our brand also offers free worldwide shipping over orders worth £100.