Get 100% EU Compliant Henna Brows Kit at Never Before Price

Date :April 8, 2021, Henna Brows International Henna Brows Kit

If you are looking for a brow colouring alternative that is safe and natural then nothing better than Henna. Being a natural plant derivative, it is a complete vegan alternative to the chemical dyes. Henna Brows International provides the most versatile and the fastest Henna colouring in the market. Our brand is highly appreciated and recommended due to its excellent quality and premium products and tools. You can buy our Henna Brows Kit and get started with the safest and the most popular brow treatment in the market!

Why Consider Henna Over Chemical Tints?

Henna is completely natural and contains no ammonia, no lead and it doesn’t require using hydrogen peroxide at all! This eradicates any chance of skin rashes or skin irritation and all you get is a natural colour that stays longer than you expected. The products from our brand give you a lasting colour for around 6-7 weeks and you get choices in the shades as we offer 7 different colour variants in ourHenna Brows Kit.

Bespoke Ombre Brows or Powder Brows- The Choice Is Yours!

You can create endless variations with the Henna Brows Kit. Unlike traditional henna products, you do not need to settle for what you get.  The products can be mixed to produce new colour shades to suit the client’s skin tone. The professional mixology and customization are all taught in our Online Henna Brow Course. You can create the look that you desire with such versatile styling products. The trending Ombre Brows are possible with our magical and safe Henna colours.

Fastest Colour

Our brand offers you the fastest Henna in the market. Unlike other brands that take around 30 minutes to develop, you can get the desired colour within 3-5 minutes if you use our Henna Brows Kit. You can increase or decrease the development time depending upon the colour shade that the client desires. This time saving helps you to serve more clients and make huge profits.

Add On

We offer numerous add on with our Henna Brows Kit. We help you in the marketing journey and we are by your side in promoting your services. The branded record cards help you maintain the clients’ brow journey. You also get social media badges, extensive marketing materials and other promotional support when you associate with our brand.

Our Henna Brows Kit Offers High Profits

You can give the fastest treatment to the clients and subsequently increase the volume of your service. Moreover, each sachet in our Henna Brows Kit offers around 50 treatments and you can make an unimaginable £1500 from each of these. The entire kit (with 7 sachets) helps you make approximately £10500!

Easy Storage and Zero Wastage The best part about our products is that they have a longer shelf life than most of the products available in the market. You can easily clip a sachet after opening and use it for the next 6 months without any worries. This eliminates the wastage completely.