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Date :May 20, 2021, Henna Brows International Henna Brows Kit

Looking to switch brands and offer the fastest henna on the market?! Our comprehensive henna brows kit allows for a £10,000 return!! For a limited time, we are offering the Henna Brows Kit at a discount of 10% along with No Shipping Charges!

Yes, that’s correct! Henna Brows International is renowned as one of the leading henna brow companies in the UK and offers both products and training on the latest beauty courses to enthusiasts along with all the necessary brow products! The online courses are a popular option among the existing beauty therapists who want to add to their existing skills. Or beginners looking to get started in the profitable brow industry can obtain the henna brow course with a comprehensive training guide and full Henna Brows Kit included!

Some of Our Popular Beauty Products

  • Intensifier Drops
  • Henna Brows Kit
  • Henna Patch Test packs
  • Henna Eyebrow Pencil
  • Fluffy Brow Gel
  • Brow Trimmers
  • Cotton Blend Apron
  • Henna Powder

To see the range of products and to buy them you can visit our website.

Why Should You Buy from Our Online Shop?

Premium Quality

We offer you high-quality products that are designed inline with EU and UK regulations. Our henna powder comes in various shade ranges, and these can be mixed and matched to create bespoke colour options according to the client’s preference. Along with the henna brows kit, we also offer innovative new products such as henna brows patch tests, Henna brows intensifier drops.

Free Shipping

We offer a10% discount on your first purchase. You also get free shipping of the products on purchases over £50

Long Shelf Lives

Our henna powders come in small economic sachets, and you can reuse the open packet for up to 6 months. All you need to do is to clip the opened packet with the safety clip and store it in a dry place.

Complete Marketing Support

If you use our products or are trained under our brand, we help you promote the service with free marketing material, social media logos, posters, flyers etc to help you promote this branded service. If you are looking for a high-quality henna brows kit that offers exceptional earning potential visit our website and take advantage of our offer.

We are also offering a ‘Buy Now and Pay Later’ scheme on our online beauty courses. There has never been a better time to train.