Date :October 22, 2020, Henna Brows International Henna Brows Kit

If you have decided to convert to Henna Brow Colouring System, the first thing you will need is a high-quality Henna Brow Kit to carry on the treatment! Henna is a vegan product and has gained popularity due to its natural & organic dye. Not only the brow hair, but the skin underneath is also stained to give a much darker and impactful shade. The colour lasts for 6-7 weeks (more if maintained properly) and causes no harm to the skin.

Where to Buy Your Henna Brow Kit From?

Despite buying the kit from a renowned source, you may land up buying inferior quality products that may not give you ultimate results. So, you are always suggested to stock your Henna Brow Products only after complete market surveying. Henna Brow INTERNATIONAL, is the No1 brand worldwide and is the fastest henna on the market and the most comprehensive kit available with the guarantee of quality. We offer online beauty training on the trending Brow Courses- Henna Brow Course & Brow Lamination Course and encourage young enthusiasts to include these popular treatments in their salon menu. Along with the training and marketing aid.

To get optimum results make sure that your Henna Brow Kit is the highest quality in the market. Here are some details of the Brow Kit that we offer:

Colour– We offer 7 different colour variants that can be used for different skin tones. These shades can create bespoke colours for each client

Shelf Life– Our product is good to go for 6 months after opening the pack. All you need to do is keep it in a dry place, properly sealed with a clip.

Natural Product– OurHenna Brow Kit is 100% vegan But we still suggest you go for a patch test 24 hours before taking up the treatment!

What Makes Us Different from The Other Brands Available in The Market?

You may have come across several different brands but the reason why our products stand out is our quality and prices! We are the fastest Henna range on the market. It takes 3-20 minutes for our Henna to develop a rich colour that lasts longer than many of the chemical dyes.  Quality adulteration is the last thing that you need to worry about when you buy from us! Wastage is eliminated by the use of the clipping method! Our single Henna Brow Kit gives you around 300 treatments making it suitable for commercial use! And gives a return revenue of over £10,000!!!

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