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Date :June 25, 2020, Henna Brows International

Perfection is something everybody craves for! But how many manage to get things perfect? So, does that mean you need to lose hope and live with compromises? Definitely not! At least not where beauty, looks, and appearance are considered! With so many beauty treatments and beauty products on the market, you now no longer need to wait to achieve that flawless beauty.

Eyebrows give a defined shape and dimension to the face. But if someone has unruly or uneven brows and it’s drag the face down. Brow lamination works to lift the brow hairs thus lifting the appearance of the facial features. A Brow Lamination treatment using High Impact Brow Lamination Products gives instantly lifted more defined brows without damaging the hair follicle. If you are a beauty therapist or salon owner and like to keep up with the latest beauty trends in the market then you must be aware of this popular eyebrow treatment. This treatment can be perfectly conducted with some specialized training and the use of proper tools and products.

We at Henna Brow INTERNATIONAL offer affordable Online Brow Lamination Course and Brow Lamination Products at affordable rates! By enrolling yourself for the course you canlearn a lifetime skillset that can help you shape your career and increase profit margins. The Online Brow Lamination Course is currently offered at a discounted price of £225 instead of £250 and it comes with a full kit worth £99! The entire course can be completed in just 6 months and you can heavily cash in on your newly acquired skills.

If you are a Brow Lamination expert already, then you can always choose us to provide you with the best quality Brow Lamination Products at the best rates. You can visit our website to place the order and take advantage of our free standard delivery across the UK. Here is a list of the Brow Lamination Products available within our online shop:

  • Brow Lamination Record Cards
  • Brow Combs
  • Brow Fixing Tool
  • Precision Brow Trimmer
  • High Impact Brow Lamination Adhesive
  • High Impact Brow Lamination Kit
  • Fluffy Brow Gel
  • High Impact Brow Lamination –Step 1/Step2/Step3
  • Nourishing Brow Oil
  • High Impact Pre-Cleansing Protein Remove

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