FREE Shipping Worldwide! Professional Henna Brow Kit at Affordable Prices!

Date :March 11, 2021, Henna Brows International

Are you a beauty therapist who aims at giving the ultimate service experience to clients? Do you have Brows Colouring in your service menu? We have come up with an excellent product to help you give the best treatment to your clients. A Professional Henna Brow Kit is all you need to make it huge! And the one from Henna Brows International has the unquestionable quality and gives incredible results.

This kit contains all that is needed to start with a brow service. Right from the products to the application tools, you get every single stuff in a single comprehensive kit. Even the branded flashcards, social media logos, and other marketing materials are there in the kit itself! With this starter Professional Henna Brow Kit, you can manage 300 brow treatments.

What Makes Our Products Stand Out from Other Brands?

Shelf life

If you are looking for products that would last you for long then we are here with our Professional Henna Brow Kit. Expect a shelf life of 6 months on our products (if properly clipped and secured). Other brands do not last more than 2-3 weeks after the pack is opened. The chances of wastage are minimized with our packaging!

Fastest Colour

We have the fastest Henna Brow System in the market and it takes 3-20 minutes to impart rich shade to your brows. This time variation depends on the existing brow, clients’ preference, desired looks, etc. Moreover, the colour lasts for around 6-7 weeks on the brow hair and 10 days on the underneath skin. There are 7 colour variants in our kit and you can also create bespoke shades for your clients!


Our Professional Henna Brow Kit helps you give around 300 treatments to the clients. That means you can earn £10500 from the starter kit itself. Now that’s a decent amount of money from a single kit!

FREE Shipping

We are offering Free Shipping worldwide for orders worth £50 and above.

Conversion to Our Brand

If you have trained under some other brand and now want to convert to Henna Brows International, then we welcome you under our banner. We will help you with all the promotional assistance that you would need. We provide you with FREE marketing materials and complete support. Not only this, but you will also receive a 10% welcome discount on your first order. All you need to do is to email us a screenshot of your certificate! You can contact us at to receive your unique discount code!

Free Samples

If you are looking to change brands but want to try our Professional Henna Brow Kit first, we are offering you a free sample with all the 7 Henna colour variants! Use first and then believe us! Click on to get your free sample today!