Fluffy Brow Gel- A must Have Henna Product

Date :April 22, 2021, Henna Brows International Fluffy Brow Gel

Just like bad hair days, we all must have experienced days when the eyebrow refuses to stay in place no matter how much effort we put in, to tame them! Unruly eyebrows are never welcomed and so to keep these trouble-makers in place, you can use a Fluffy Brow Gel! This product is applied with the help of a spoolie brush. It is a must-have product if you want to improve your appearance and get the best out of your freshly done Brow Lamination Treatment.

Henna Brows International has this best selling product on offer for the month of April.

What is a Fluffy Brow Gel?

As mentioned earlier it is a gel product that does the job of keeping the brow hairs in place. It comes in a small tube and can be easily applied with the help of the spoolie applicator brush. The gel formula is non-sticky and the comb-like applicator helps you to shape the brows and keep them glued in place. The gel also locks the moisture and provides shine to your eyebrows. You can have the transparent or the coloured variety of this eyebrow product. The coloured eyebrow gel helps impart some density and thickness to lighter and scarce brows.

Steps to Use the Fluffy Eyebrow Gel Perfectly!

Clean and prep your eyebrows! It is the first step to start any eyebrow routine. Only a clean canvas will give you a perfect painting! With the help of a cotton swab and cleansing product, swipe your brows clean. You then need to shape the brows with an eyebrow pencil to give a definition and outline. Shake the bottle and take the product in the spoolie brush. Remove any excess product and carefully comb and shape your eyebrows with the fine applicator brush and apply a dash of product on the brow lashes. Leave it to dry for around a minute and you are done! The Fluffy Brow Gel will transform your brows in no time.

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