Explore the Best Price for the Wholesale Henna Brows Kit!

Date :August 12, 2021, Henna Brows International Henna Brows Kit

Henna Brows is no more a style statement, but it has become the need of the hour. People with sparse and light eyebrow growth often turn to brow colouring treatments to define their eyes and facial features. A good, dark, and arched brow can impart depth and beauty to your eyes. And with vegan treatment getting all the more popular, the demand for Henna Brows Kit is on the rise.

If you are a salon owner or an independent beauty therapist, we recommend using Henna to conduct the Brow coloring treatment. People are ditching the chemical tints and are migrating towards all-natural plant-based products to enhance their beauty. Henna is a chemical-free product and does not need hydrogen peroxide to develop. Nor does it contain harmful ammonia! This makes our Henna Brows Kit a popular pick for brow colouring.

We Offer 7 Colour Variants in our Henna Brows Kit

Our brand offers seven distinct Henna shades that can suit all skin tones and skin types. These versatile colour shades can also be mixed and merged to create bespoke colours for your clients. The Henna powder comes in small sachets and can be clipped and stored for 6 months. Thus there is zero wastage from our economical Henna Brows Kit. Moreover, the colours take under 5 minutes to develop and impart rich hues to the eyebrows. Both the brow lashes and the underlying skin is tinted with the Henna colour, imparting a lasting effect.

Our Brand Offers the Fastest Henna Colouring

We feel proud to announce that our brand is popular among the likes in the industry and we offer the fastest colouring in the market. Our product takes just 3-5 minutes to develop. Our products boast quality and higher shelf life, and our Henna Brows Kit comes with a complete toolset. You can offer around 350 treatments from a single kit and make huge profits. To top of it, we offer a 10% discount to those who decide to change brands. Just email us a screenshot of your certificate and redeem your discount privilege.

How Long Does The Effect Last?

Our Henna Brows Kit does not just offer the fastest development time, and we also ensure that the colour effect stays longer than your expectations. The skin tint lasts for around 10 days, and the brow colour does not fade away upto 6-7 weeks. You can cater to the largest clientele in the shortest span of time and churn exemplary revenues.

Our Henna Brow Training And Instant Academy

If you want to get trained under our online eyebrow courses, you can choose to do so and get certified. Henna Brows International offers courses that are accredited and insurable upon completion. Moreover, if you are planning to start an academy or conduct training as a Freelancer, you can easily do so with our assistance. We offer you support with our courses, teaching materials, and the necessary requisite that you may need. For further details contact our executives.