Enroll For Online Brow Lamination Course for the Right Career Choice

Date :December 6, 2019, Henna Brows International

Brow lamination is a much in trend beauty treatment adopted by most of the people. Many Hollywood celebrities have undergone brow lamination making this a hugely popular concept. Several beauty treatments come and go with the passage of time but brow lamination is here to stay. The reason being it is a safer, effective and pocket-friendly alternative to microblading. We have launched an online course which allows you to study at your leisure. Enrol now Online Brow Lamination Course for a successful career choice.

A Brief Introduction to Brow Lamination

What Is Brow Lamination?

The process of eyebrow lifting and shaping is called brow lamination. The most uneven and unruly eyebrows can be shaped and given a desired direction with the application of certain products. These beauty products make the eyebrows uplifted and stand in the direction that would best suit the face type. This brow lamination is practiced in most of the beauty salons under the guidance of trained beauty experts.

Brow lamination credits its popularity to its cost-effective treatment that lasts close to 2 months. The brows are also tinted in the preferred hue to give it a suitable colour. Brow lamination is the perfect procedure to achieve thicker, fuller, fluffy and perfectly shaped eyebrows. With brow lamination, you no more have to bear unevenly growing brows that need attention each time you get ready.

How Long The Process Takes?

Brow lamination is done in major beauty clinics and takes around 30 minutes per client. It is a quick procedure and a popular one. This means you can cater to the maximum number of clients each day making your beauty salon a money mint! If the clients like the job, they are sure to visit you again after 2 months giving you a recurring income. But this is only possible if you are a trained expert who can conduct excellent brow lamination treatment.

Online Brow Lamination Course

Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL provides an accredited Online Brow Lamination Course at a low cost of £250 (ex VAT). This course is conducted online, and you can avail it as per your suitability without needing to travel. The Online Brow Lamination Course includes kit worth £99. It means that the effective cost for the Online Brow Lamination Course is much lower than you had expected. Brow lamination has a bright future in the beauty industry and its demand in the upcoming time cannot be ignored.

Online Brow Lamination Course gives you the liberty to undertake the course at your suitable place and time and you can also avail direct support from the tutors. Training Videos and training manual makes the Online Brow Lamination Course easier to understand. Now get to learn at your leisure and ease! You cannot miss this fantastic career opportunity and should have this brow lamination treatment a must inclusion in your salon’s treatment menu. If you have any questions please email Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL  for further details.