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Date :December 31, 2020, Henna Brows International

Looking to boost your profits in 2021. The return revenue of our Professional Henna Brow Kit is over £10,000! We have the most comprehensive kit on the market. And with Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL, you cannot ask for a better product that gives perfect results. We are the leading Brow Colouring System in the UK and Ireland and also offer Brow Training Courses to upgrade your skills.

What Makes Us Different From Other Brands?

  1. We are one of the fastest colouring ranges in the market.
  2. Our products are 100% vegan
  3. You can avail of the products as well as the tools required in the starter kit itself.
  4. Our Henna product comes in small sachets that ensure zero wastage, unlike other brands.
  5. We offer a shelf life of 6 months on our Professional Henna Brow Kit (after opening the pack). Other brands stay good for 2-3 weeks and thereafter needs to be disposed of!
  6. The colour variation that comes with our Professional Henna Brow Kit suits every skin tone. You can assemble and merge two/three different shades to custom create a new shade. We offer 7 different Henna colour variants.
  7. Our Brow colouring procedure takes as little as 3-20 minutes depending on the clients’ skin and eyebrows.
  8. The rich shades imparted by our Professional Henna Brow Kit stay good for up to 6 weeks!
  9. Our Henna Brow Kit is moderately priced and offers a return revenue of over £10,000.
  10. We offer a 10% discount on your first order and also provide you with free marketing materials, social media logos, branded record cards, and finishing tools.
  11. Our starter Professional Henna Brow Kit helps you to conduct 300 treatments and you can make a whopping £10500 from the starter kit alone.
  12. We offer “Free Worldwide Shipping” on purchases if your order value is £50 or more!
  13. Along with a Professional Henna Brow Kit, you can also avail of Online Brow Training Courses from our beauty institute. We are currently offering £100 off on all our online brow training courses. (Use Coupon Code: “100OFF”)
  14. You can avail of insurance on successful completion of our courses.
  15. We take pride in providing top-class customer support to our clients. For any queries, you can visit our website or can email us at!

If you are an existing beauty therapist and want to offer the best to your clients, then don’t think twice before ordering your Professional Henna Brow Kit from us. Contact us today for more information!