Convert to Henna Brow Colouring System Today & Get 10% Discount!

Date :October 1, 2020, Henna Brows International

Do you currently offer henna brows but aren’t getting the results you see online? We have hundreds of salons converting to our brand as the development time is much quicker and the colours longer lasting than other brands. We will give you 10% off your first order and free marketing material and social media logos to help promote the service.

Henna is a natural colouring system that is obtained from the leaves of henna plants. Being a natural and vegan product, it is widely preferred over chemical dyes. The colour is more vibrant and lasts longer than chemical eyebrow tints. And with the growing consciousness, people are choosing Henna Brows as a safer alternative. Moreover, the popularity of Henna Brows is constantly on the rise and more and more salons are offering the service over and above regular tint.

Henna Brow Colouring System!

Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL is the leading henna brow training provider in the UK and Ireland and our Henna Brows Kits is a popular pick! What makes our system different from the others is the top quality of the kit material that we offer and the shelf life of the products. Our complete marketing support helps you to promote your salon and the Henna Brows Treatment aggressively. We also give you a welcome offer with a 10% discount on your first purchase from us! Here is what our henna brow colouring system covers in the package:

Free Samples

Our Henna Brow Colouring System offers 7 bespoke shades and you can obtain free samples of all the shades and choose the right pick. These shades come in powder form and can be mixed to develop newer tints. We teach and train you with appropriate mixology and application techniques so that you get the best results.

Marketing Support

We at Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL care for you and want you to grow beyond boundaries. Our free marketing materials over purchases worth £100 help you to market and promote your services in a wider and effective way. Marketing is an important predominant that results in robust sales activities and we offer complete assistance in that department.

Convenient Packaging

The best part about our Henna Brow Colouring System is that it comes with a longer shelf life than most of the other brow colours. You can clip and store the pack up to 6 months after opening it!

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are affordable and give you high-profit returns! You can conduct more than 300 treatments from our single economy pack and can earn more than £10000 from a single kit! Plus, our 10% discount and free marketing materials, make it a worthy purchase for you!