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Date :December 10, 2020, Henna Brows International

Brow lamination is a technique of lifting the eyebrow hair and shaping it in the desired form- Fluffy, Straight, Arched, or Sleek. It is a kind of perm for the delicate eyebrow that lets you remould it the way you want! And the up-side of this trending brow styling treatment is that it does not require much of your time. It is basically a three-step procedure done with the help of brow lamination products that can be easily purchased online. (Click here to buy:

Three Steps to Brow Lamination Technique:

Lifting- It is a chemical process where the bonds in the brow hairs are broken to give it a desired shape and direction.
Neutralizing- Step two neutralizes the chemically rebounded structure and sets it.
Conditioning- Step 3 nourishes and conditions the newly treated brow hair.

The entire process takes under 45 minutes and is a fast-growing trend. Renowned salons are offering this treatment to the clients and if you want to learn the course and be the first one in your area to offer this high-paying beauty treatment get yourself enrolled in an Online Brow Lamination Course (Click here: to know more) at the most popular beauty academy in the UK and Ireland!

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